WATCH: How Child Molesters are Treated in Jail REVEALED…Do They Deserve This?

Some people believe our prison system is too hard on criminals.

They believe we should be more like European countries, who think prison needs to be more like a rehab center. Because they want their criminals to be happy.

We are calling BS on that one.

If you ever hear someone complaining that our prisons are too harsh, just show them this video.

Suddenly the US prison system is looking pretty ‘cushy’.

If you are sent here (wherever here is) for child molestation, you better be prepared for the worse.

These sick thugs are stripped naked (mostly naked), beaten, and kicked.

They have to crawl on their hands and knees.

As an added bonus, they get to clean the prison floor with a towel.

Suddenly our ‘inhumane’ system isn’t looking so inhumane…

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