WATCH: Insane Shoot Out on Public Bus Between Thug and Police

A shootout between an armed robber and a squad of Baltimore County police has left many people shocked.

It happened in broad-daylight, and ended with the bad guy getting taken out.

The whole scene was caught on camera.

It shows the man, who has yet to be identified, unloading twin handguns on police. They return the fire while civilians find cover wherever they can.

Witness Steve Outlaw, who uploaded the video to Facebook, said he had been on the bus before the robber got on board and police ordered everyone off – which was when violence erupted.

The Daily Mail

The man had robbed two people in a shopping center before trying to flee – using the bus!

Police caught up and stopped the bus, just as schools were getting out. The man opened fire.

A recipe for disaster.

The shootout left one police officer in critical condition and a civilian who had been on the street injured.

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