Watch: Protesters Destroy Confederate Monument in North Carolina to ‘Smash White Supremacy’

It seems the tensions that started in Virginia are spreading. After violent and deadly protests occurred in Charlottesville, a group of protesters gathered in Durham, NC., to tear down a confederate monument.

The monument is of a Confederate soldier and stood outside the old Durham Country courthouse on Main Street.

A woman propped a ladder against the monument and proceeded to climb atop the statue. Looping a rope around the solider, she climbed down and quickly the crowd pulled on the rope, causing the statue to fall.

As soon as the statue was down the crowd started to spit and kick on the statue.

It’s not clear where law enforcement officers were during the protest.

In 1924, the Confederate statue was dedicated to Durham.

Engraved on the front of the monument is “The Confederate States of America.”

Above it, is a statue representing a soldier who fought in the civil war.

“It needs to be removed,” Loan Tran, an organizer, said earlier Monday. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.”

There are similar monuments in several cities around North Carolina.

Tran doesn’t want to see it anymore.

“When I see a Confederate statue in downtown Durham, or really anywhere, it fills me with a lot of rage and frustration,” she said.

Organizers say tonight’s protest is a reaction to the events in Charlottesville this past weekend.

“People can be mobilized and people are angry and when enough people are angry, we don’t have to look to politicians to sit around in air conditions and do nothing when we can do things ourselves,” said Takiyah Thompson, a protester.

The statue was on government property.

Durham County spokeswoman Dawn Dudley stated in an email:

“Due to a North Carolina state law passed a few years ago, Durham County is prohibited from removing or making substantive alteration to historical monuments and memorials. I share this to say that there is a statute in place making the efforts you mention below difficult to move forward. I would assume that the only thing possible are steps to reverse the law.”


A few years back this statue had been graffitied on, so it is a constant target for controversy.

The group that vandalized this government property say their purpose is to “smash white supremacy.”

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