WATCH: Pythons Now Have a New Predator and They’re… Wild Boar?

This footage was taken in Thailand. Apparently the pigs over there have either developed a taste for python or just really hate those slithering creatures. Either way, watch the video. It’s pretty epic.

A huge python was ripped to shreds by a pack of furious wild boars seeking revenge after the snake ate one of their young.

At least eight of the wild beasts descended on the reptile after he slithered into their home and gobbled up a piglet.

Completely outnumbered, the eight foot python did not stand a chance as he was surrounded by the boars and attacked from all sides.

The animals used their powerful jaws to bite into the snake’s body, ripping the animal to pieces.

After an epic – but somewhat one-sided – battle the boars succeed in mauling the snake to death.

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