WATCH: Race Hero Auntie Maxine’s Darkest Secret Has Been Unearthed

Tucker Carlson is known for his hard hitting questions. No wonder Waters doesn’t want to go on his show. She would be torn to shreds!

Carlson points out Waters’ race record, which isn’t nice and polished as she claims it is. This woman is psychotic and should not have a say in the laws of this country.

Her racist ways can be seen in her support of the LA riots, an event that left 50 dead and $1 billion in property damage. The city was in flames and chaos, innocent people being beaten in the streets.

And Maxine thought this was beautiful, a “milestone in the history of black people demanding justice.”

She later said: “What I didn’t do is use the airwaves to call people hoodlums and thugs for burning down their own communities. It only makes them madder when you call them hoodlums and thugs, as the president did.”

Or, check out this one. Get your tinfoil hats on because Waters is no stranger to believing conspiracy theories. Waters has accused the CIA of purposefully selling drugs in inner-city communities in order to raise money for fighting the left in Latin America. Her theory fell flat on it’s face of course, but it just shows how everything is other people’s faults. Because Heaven forbid people take responsibility for their actions.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t believe us? You can check out the others right here. They are sure to blow your mind that we have let this woman gain so much power.

She has no place in public office. Time to lose her.

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