WATCH: Satanic Temple Goes Under the Microscope…Absolutely DEMONIC

Broadly journalist Callie Beusman did a documentary on the Satanic Temple.

Specifically their fight to keep abortion ‘live and well’.

You hear from the Satanic Church founder Douglas Mesner, ‘professional’ name Lucien Greaves, and other members of his ‘congregation’.

While the temple doesn’t actually believe in the Devil, they recognize Satan as a symbol of rebellion to tyranny.

And apparently people not wanting kids to be aborted is tyranny.

The Satanic Church are strong supporters of Planned Parenthood.

Go figure.

They put a lot of their effort into doing public demonstrations that many see as offensive.

In the documentary you will witness some of their protests, which mimic babies and the Christian Church.

The images are disturbing, but it is good to know the mentality of the Satanic Temple.

To debate your opponent you need to understand how they think.

For those people who think that abortion should be illegal, watch this and learn from it.

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