WATCH: See Why These Liberal News Anchors are Making Fun of Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Ad

My, my how the tables have turned for Hillary.

Amid growing Washington chatter that Joe Biden may be gearing up to make a serious play for the 2016 Democrat nomination for president, the Clinton campaign has reportedly made a major TV ad buy in Iowa and New Hampshire. And given the content of the new spot promoting Hillary’s run for the White House, one could see how the prospect of Biden’s entry into the race influenced the direction the ad has taken.

Entitled “Family Strong,” the 60-second TV commercial doesn’t focus on Hillary’s policy positions, rather on her past as someone concerned with family and the importance of strong family values. Vice President Biden, many people believe, has a likeability factor that far exceeds that of Mrs. Clinton. And Biden, despite issues surrounding his policy positions, is also generally considered a solid and devoted family man.

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