WATCH: Super Bowl’s Half Time Show had Hidden Political Message… and It’s VERY Controversial

If any white artists did what Beyonce did, the media would be crucifying them and the NFL probably would have come out condemning the artists.

Beyonce delivered “the most radical political statement” of her career in a Super Bowl halftime show dripping with Black Lives Matter themes, including dancers who made a salute reminiscent of the 1960s Black Panthers movement to a posed photo calling for justice for one black youth killed by police.

The excess of politicization of what was supposed to be entertainment riled come commentators.

Black Livers Matter symbolism was everywhere in the halftime show. In its critique of the spectacle, theDaily Mail said that one point in the song, “Formation,” dancers formed an X to represent civil rights firebrand Malcolm X and then raised their arms much like the black power salute given by two U.S. athletes at the 1968 Olympics.

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