WATCH: Ted Cruz’s Daughters Steal Show After Revealing Embarrassing Family Story

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.10.47 AMKid’s have no filter to hide the truth. If you really want to know what Ted is like, just ask his girls. Check this out. It’s hilarious!

Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi looked lovingly at each other as they talked about their relationship and vision for the White House in front of the cameras.

But daughters Catherine and Caroline almost stole the show as they appeared on stage for the second half of the CNN Town Hall – talking about Build-A-Bear, American Girl Dolls and Taylor Swift.  

The couple, who have been married for 15 years, played up to the audience in New York ahead of the crucial primary next Tuesday amid rumors of infidelity that have rocked his bid for the presidency in recent weeks.

They answered personal questions from host Anderson Cooper and voters – many of whom admitted they were already backing Cruz – in a bid to make the Texas Senator look likable.

She said he was a ‘movie buff’ and insisted he is a great listener at home.

The girls, on the other hand, looked to embarrass their father by hinting there was a video him prancing around in a pink boa for one of their birthdays.

The Republican candidate, who is second behind Trump in the race, did slip up with a controversial comment about watching porn with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, as his two daughters were sat in the front row.

He told the audience: ‘After reading about me watching porn with O’Connor, Rubio texted me: “Holy cow! I didn’t know you watched porn. Our oppo team missed it.”’

Staying on Rubio, Cruz said he and his team are looking at possible vice presidential running mates.

‘We’re in the process now of looking at a number of different options,’ said Cruz without mentioning names.

Asked about Rubio, Cruz called him an ‘amazing communicator’ who inspired millions across the country in his presidential campaign.

‘I consider Marco a friend,’ said Cruz, adding that ‘anyone would naturally look at Marco’ for the No. 2 position on the Republican ticket.

Away from politics, he caught the audience’s attention when discussing his long-standing relationship with Heidi.

He revealed how he met Heidi when the pair where on George W.Bush’s campaign for President in 2000.

He said he first approached Heidi while ‘trying to be cool’ and asked her if she’d had dinner.

They then went to a restaurant called The Bitter End in Houston.

‘We had a dinner that lasted three or four hours. We shut the restaurant down, it was a wonderful dinner. .. With us it was love at first sight.’

‘We’d both had series relationships, we were at a point where we were looking for someone. We were soulmates.’

She was a student at the time at Havard Business School and, after a short time together, she had to leave the campaign trail in Texas and head back to the east coast.

They then spoke every night, sometimes until the early hours of the morning.

The pair married, in 2001, a year after they met.

Heidi described the early years of their marriage with a story about soup.

‘We came back from our honeymoon and Ted went off to the store by himself,’ she said. I was completely shocked to see him come back to out apartment with literally a hundred cans of chunky Campbells soup.’

She then explained how he made him load the car up and return every single one of them.

Heidi said: ‘Ted is an incredible listener – I want all voters to know that and one reason is he really cares, he really cares about what you’re saying, he really cares about what’s on your heart.

One thing you told me that night were the things I liked, a necklace, some flower, then a couple of weeks later appeared – at the venue – in snowy Boston , some beautiful roses, from that particular florist that was very difficult to find.

‘Ted is a great listener. At home my daughters say I do all the talking. Ted has many qualities and thoughtfulness is right at the top of the list.’

Asked if he had ever not followed his wife’s advice, Cruz said he could not remember any examples, but Heidi Cruz had a ready response for him.

‘Sometimes you don’t take out the trash when I ask you to,’ she said.

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