Watch: Televangelists’ Reason for Buying Private Jet is so They can ‘Talk to God’, Avoid Commercial Airliners with ‘Dope Filled… Demons’

Sometimes the Christian community gets a little out of hand. While I am personally a Christian, but the fact that these two televangelists are even discussing something like this is crazy.

I’m all for people owning their private jets. Go for it!

I’m happy you’re that successful in life to own one.

Justifying it because flying commercial airliners won’t allow you to ‘stand up and talk to Jesus’ or because the plane is a ‘tube filled with demons’… uuuummmm.

This has bullsh*t written all over it. If these televangelists said I fly on a private jet because I’m rich as sh*t and I can afford it, I would understand that.

Saying it is because it allows you prayer time with Jesus, sounds more like they’re making an excuse for a tax write off.

If they really wanted to ‘talk to Jesus’ on a commercial plane, they could. No problem.

The topic alone, like I said before, is a bit absurd.

God wants His people to prosper, there is no doubt about that and if that means affording a private jet, sweet!

But don’t pull stunts like this… it’s just tacky. Really…


Here is the full clip:

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