WATCH: Thug INTENTIONALLY Plows Car Through Three Cops–Another #BLM Hate Crime?

This guy was apparently driving impaired. Two veteran police officers and a rookie were involved in the crash. The suspect had to be transported to the hospital for serious injuries.

This is the horrifying moment a driver smashed into three police officers at a Phoenix gas station, sending one literally flying head over heels in the air.

Marc LaQuon Payne, 44, drove his vehicle into the officers before hitting a patrol car and crashing into the front of the QuikTrip store around 2am Tuesday, CBS reported.

All three cops survived the shocking incident – which authorities believe was ‘intentional’ – but as this chilling video shows, it was a close-run thing.

Four CCTV videos show a red sedan driving into the gas station, pausing for a time by a pump, and then doing a three-point turn, parking with its back to a wall.

Across the parking lot from the car are three cops, standing around a police SUV talking.

Suddenly, the lights on the red sedan turn on and the car races across the lot at the three officers.

One dives out of the way; another appears to be struck by the car and rolls to the side – and the third officer, a rookie, is flipped head over heels and lands on the car’s hood.

The car itself strikes the SUV, then smashes through the window of the gas station, sending shelves inside flying.

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