WATCH: Travel Ban Protesters are Asked Why They’re Protesting… and They Don’t Have a Clue

Citizen journalist Austen Fletcher went out to LAX to ask protesters what they were protesting for. Just so you know, they were supposed to be there protesting Trump’s travel ban.

Before you watch the video, let’s all take a second and bow our heads in prayer for this country. It’s going to need it if there are more morons like this out there

But obviously these protesters must be very passionate and clear about their reasons for being there, right?

Check this and you’ll hear some amazing reasons.

Jeremy is so passionate he’s unable to even say why he’s there.

“He’s[Trump’s] doing it because of 9/11?” Wait what? Who ever said that? Hello, ISIS? The reason those seven countries are named is because of the current threat from radical Islamic terrorists, most prominently ISIS.

These people are unable to even adequately get out the Democratic talking point about 9/11 being done by Saudis which does nothing to diminish the current threat from the 7 countries in question.

“I had a personal conversation with Chief Standing, Sitting Bull from the Sioux tribe.” Alrighty, now…

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