WATCH: Trump Supporter Gets Obamacare Lovers CHEERING for Him With 3 Facts… FREAK When They Realize Whose Policy it is

HAHAHA! Just another example of the left not doing a good job of fact checking. Check it out and get ready to laugh.

“Every American should have health care coverage—would you agree,” he asked.

The pro-Obamacare crowd cheered.

“That pre-existing conditions should be covered—would you say,” the man continued.

The crowd again agreed.

“If you are 26 years old, or at least up to that, you should be able to be covered by your parents’ insurance—would you agree,” he asked.

More cheers.

That’s when he dropped the stunner:

“OK, Mr. Price, the cabinet member, has said he’s committed to those three things. Yes, yes, yes! So you need to find out the facts before you start complaining.”

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