WATCH: Trump’s Meeting in Mexico was EPIC & Hillary is PISSED

Hillary is not happy. Not happy at all. Trump on the other hand, seemed to have accomplished quite a bit. Hopefully this meeting will benefit both countries.

In a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out his 5-step plan to improve relations with Mexico, which includes a border wall.

The meeting, which appeared to be hastily put together, ended in a news conference with both men standing at podiums within a few feet of each other.

The five items Trump wants to focus on are:

  1. Ending illegal immigration, not just from Mexico but from Central American countries
  2. Having a secure border, which Trump says is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial
  3. Dismantling of the drug cartels and ending the movement of illegal drugs, weapons and funds across the border
  4. Improving NAFTA
  5. Keep manufacturing wealth in our hemisphere

Nieto said the US-Mexican border security must address illegal flow south of arms and cash, as well as immigration north. Trump said while he understands why some Mexicans have been offended by Trump’s comments, he believes he can work with Trump to achieve goals that will improve the situation in Mexico as well.


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