OMG! Two Chicks Get into Fist Fight at WELFARE Office [WATCH]

This is evidence of humanity regressing.

Two black chicks have it out at the welfare office and it get UGLY!

Swear words and fists start flying everywhere.

Partial transcript:

Girl in Black: Run up!

Girl in Pink: Who want you? I want you. I want you, Bitch. I want you Bitch.

Girl in Black: Run up.

Repeat on both.

Girl in Pink: You talked all that shit…I’m right here.

What is sad to see is the children witnessing all of this: their mother’s unnecessary behavior and then contributing to the fight by swinging punches too.

If the mother’s don’t change their act soon, which is highly unlikely, these kids will grow up to be just like momma.

Maybe if such people weren’t enabled to feed off the government tit as a ‘profession’ they would be productive members of society raising up the leaders of tomorrow.

Instead, we’ve got a cat fight in a welfare office.

Some examples they are… (eyes roll).

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