WATCH: Video REVEALS Palestinians Teach Children How to MURDER Infidels

In Palestine, it is apparently okay to teach your children how to murder.

Don’t believe us?

Benjamin Netanyahu shared a video on his Twitter depicting just that.

You can divide the world basically into two groups of people:

  1. One group that is disgusted by this and thinks Israel has a right to defend itself.
  2. One group that are progressives and socialists who’ll come up with reasons to excuse Palestinians calling for the deaths and destruction of Jews and Isreal, starting but not ending with: “Yeah, but, like Isreal is occupying Palestine and stuff, so the Palestinians are like, super mad about it.”

Here’s a fun little diddy I like to type out whenever the opportunity arises: If Palestine laid down its arms, there would be peace. If Israel laid down its arms, there would be no Israel.

-Louder With Crowder

How true that sad fact is.

About the author: Rachel Wingenbach

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