WATERGATE WHISTLEBLOWER: Just Delivered this Blow to Hillary Clinton [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.31.49 AMHow is Hillary still running for presidency?

A new week and a new set of problems for Hillary Clinton as she tries to deal with the expanding Emailgate scandal, as well as a new level of distress for the Democrat Party as it faces the intensifying fallout from the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server.

On Sunday, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl reported that there may exist a complete set of Clinton emails on a backup server that can provide investigators with a full record of Hillary’s correspondence — even those emails that she determined were personal and ordered to be deleted. This development, as reported by Breitbart, could expose Clinton to serious legal problems if backup files show she destroyed evidence important to the Benghazi investigation.

The primary server on which Clinton supposedly stored her official and her personal emails has been seized by the FBI as the Justice Department investigates what kind of classified info may have been contained in those digital communications that were apparently unsecured. Some reports say that primary server has been professionally wiped clean, which makes the existence of a possible backup all the more significant.

The Breitbart report quotes Karl in his report for the ABC News show This Week:

“…in the most intriguing new development, Platte River Networks, the Colorado company that set up Clinton’s server, told ABC News it is highly likely that a full backup of the server was made, meaning those thousands of emails she deleted, may still exist. The company says it’s cooperating with the FBI.”

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