‘WE NEED TO END CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT’: Hillary Clinton Pledges to End Sexual Assault By…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.04.34 AMSounds like Hillary was one of those primary-school presidents who promised less homework and more nap time.

Is there any topic in the universe that Hillary Clinton hasn’t pledged to correct? Funny how she wants to fix everything but won’t take responsibility for mishandling national classified material. No Thanks.

Hillary pledged to stop campus sexual assaults if elected on Monday, and social media ate it up.

The campus sexual assault pledge follows the unveiling of Clinton’s $10 billion plan to combat drug and, specifically, heroin abuse — another widespread problem that impacts families but is often considered uncomfortable and even painful to discuss.

“It’s not enough to condemn campus sexual assault,” Clinton said Monday. “We need to end campus sexual assault.”

“Rape is a crime wherever it happens,” Clinton said, addressing the issue for the first time since launching her 2016 campaign. “Schools have an obligation — a legal obligation and a moral obligation — to protect every student’s right to get an education free from discrimination, free from fear.”

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