WHAT THE WHAT: CNBC Reports Robert Mugabe ‘Ate a Baby Elephant’

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The President/Dictator of Zimbabwe just ate a baby elephant. Is he pro-poaching? May just seem like it.

Zimbabwe’s virtual dictator Robert Mugabe has been one of the world’s most brutal, corrupt, and just plain evil leaders for 35+ years. I could list all the documented cases of Mugabe’s genocidal acts, but that would take too long and its all easy enough to find on the reputable websites managed by the major international human rights groups. Sadly, too many of us are so numbed by the mass murders we read about every day that just one more name on the list of murderous leaders is beyond our ability to process properly.

But this time, Mugabe may have finally done something to get the attention of the mainstream press and the social media crowd: he ate a baby elephant. No, he really did. At his lavish 91st birthday celebration this past weekend, Mugabe ate baby elephant, a sable. Also, a lion and a crocodile were shot and mounted just for show. All this was just a small part of the party that cost at least $1 million in a nation where just about everyone ekes out a meager existence.

Again, we could go on and on about Mugabe’s crimes against humanity but people have been screaming about that for the better part of four decades without much success. So let’s focus on this other atrocity that’s sure to grab headlines and get people talking.

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