Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.00.52 AMDoes Obama actually know how many people are saved by armed citizens? The numbers go way over the stats on guns used in ‘mass shootings’. Here are just a few examples of people’s lives being saved and completely changed because they had a gun on them.

By Rob Morse

The President said taking away our guns will make us safer. Some reporters said the same thing. They say a good guy with a gun never stops a bad guy with a gun. Well isn’t this a surprise. Here are five examples of self-defense that happened within the last month. They show people who not only stopped a criminal and saved lives, but these armed victims may have stopped mass murder!

1- Katie and Matt Klaxon were parked filling up their car at a Springfield, Missouri gas station. Their four children were in the car as well. Matt was pumping gas when a stranger approached Katie who was still sitting in the car. The stranger opened the car door and threatened Katie with a large knife. Katie called for Matt who then drew his Beretta pistol and told the man to leave. The assailant said Quote “You’re lucky he has a gun,” as he closed the car door and backed away. The couple called police and kept an eye on the man who tried to open other car doors. The assailant was arrested by police.

2- A mother of four used a gun to save her children and herself from three armed home invaders. Security camera video shows three men kicking in the back door of this home outside Dayton, Ohio. The armed thieves held the woman and her four children at gunpoint. The thieves hit the homeowner in the head and face with their guns and demanded she open her husband’s safe. The homeowner grabbed her gun as the thieves emptied the safe. She shot one of the thieves and all three tried to make their escape. The wounded criminal died outside the home still clutching his firearm.

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