When the IRS Targets Anyone, America Loses

targetWho knew that I would be a victim of the oppressive attacks of the IRS on people of conservative values and Christian faith. But I have, and it is a personal stinging reminder of how terribly close we are to losing all of our freedoms.

Like many readers of my column, I have been watching accelerated attacks against Constitutional government, free speech, free markets, freedom of religion – you name it, we have lost much over the last few years.

Even so, I wasn’t expecting that I would be caught up in the latest scandal to rock the Obama Administration. But I am not surprised to find out that Obama, et al are pinning the Nazi-like tactics on government bureaucrats deep in the bowels of the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS last week offered a tepid apology for “inappropriate” actions by two low-level employees in Cincinnati, who subjected “about 75” conservative organizations to “extra inquiry” before deciding their eligibility for tax-exempt status.

Ho-hum. Just a case of well-meaning bureaucratic excess, right?

No way.

Here’s what the IRS really did: Employees in at least three offices singled-out and harassed up to 500 groups that favor limited government, oppose abortion, and reflect conservative and/or …



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