‘WHEN THE JURY SPEAKS’: Trey Gowdy Has MAJOR News and it has Donald Trump Very Giddy [VIDEO]

Trey Gowdy just released some YUGE news. No it’s not about his Benghazi panel investigation, but the message still has Trump excited. Check it.

“I was a [Marco] Rubio guy, and if Marco had won I would have expected the [Ted] Cruz supporters and the [John] Kasich supports and the Trump supporters to support my guy,” he added.

“My guy lost. When the jury speaks, I’m going to support the jury.”

Gowdy had previously said he will support the eventual GOP nominee but had declined to specifically throw his support behind Trump.

Asked about his attitude toward Trump, Gowdy said that “I actually didn’t think I was that hesitant.”

“I was a Rubio guy and Marco lost, but I will enthusiastically support the Republican nominee.”


Trump’s reply to Gowdy’s endorsement was very welcoming and gracious. Do you think with an answer like that Gowdy is going to have a position on Trump’s cabinet?

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