Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.30.34 AMSounds like a government gun grab to me.

The White House is looking at steps the president can take to reduce gun violence – including executive actions.

An Obama administration official told DailyMail.com today that the president is not ruling out an executive order to require universal background checks or introduce other new measures – but nothing is currently in the works, either.

The president’s team is still reviewing its legal options, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today.

Cutting down on firearm-related foul play ‘is a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see some more progress,’ he said.

Obama said Friday that he had asked his team to take another look at the laws that are currently on the books and ‘scrub what kind of authorities’ he has ‘to enforce the laws that we have in place more effectively to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.’

Beyond that, the White House said today that he would continue to use his ‘bully pulpit’ to talk about violent crimes.

‘I don’t have a lot of details to provide you in terms of the work that’s being done by his team on the scrub, ‘Earnest said today, but if the group comes up with proposals the president likes, he’ll put them before the public.

Obama has directed a team of experts to look for ways he can act, independently of Congress before. In January of 2013, he announced 23 executive actions he was taking in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting.

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