‘WHITENESS IS…TERROR’: Taxpayer-Funded Professor Takes to Twitter to Slam White People

Zandria-Robinson-YouTube-screenshot-Wendi-ThomasTaxes are going to this woman to preach this hate. This is just wrong.

A sociology professor at the University of Memphis has used her Twitter account to announce that white people are synonymous with “terror” and to define the Confederate flag as the quintessential symbol of capitalism.

The taxpayer-funded professor is Zandria Robinson. The pair of tweets are the highlights among a set of Robinson’s compiled by Campus Reform and the website SoCawlege.com.

Here is a screenshot of Robinson’s June 26 tweet telling the world that the concept of having white skin is identical to the concept of terror:


And here is a screenshot of her tweet from June 24 explaining that the Confederate flag is the fundamental symbol of capitalism.


The $20-dollar word “heteropatriarchal” used by the fourth- or fifth-tier public school professor means a combination of male and heterosexual power “essentially describing the severe sex and gender bias prevalent among the elite ruling classes of nation-states,” according to the Collins English Dictionary. However, this fancypants definition is currently “pending investigation.”

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