Who’s On Your Side? List of Pro-Gun House Representatives

US_Capitol_Building_at_night_Jan_2006Correction to Saturday Alert and List of the Pro-Gun Members Who Voted to Protect the Second Amendment

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The vote was on a Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) amendment to H.R. 4660, the Commerce-Justice-Science funding bill. Both Representatives hold an “F” rating with Gun Owners of America.

Their amendment would add an additional $19.5 million to pay states to turn in more names to the federal gun-ban (NICS) list.

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Below are the U.S. House Members who voted NO on the Thompson-King amendment. A NO vote is the pro-gun position.

  • Aderholt (AL-4)
  • Amash (MI-3)
  • Bachmann (MN-6)
  • Barr (KY-6)
  • Barrow (GA-12)
  • Barton (TX-6)
  • Bentivolio (MI-11)
  • Bilirakis (FL-12)
  • Bishop (UT-1)
  • Black (TN-6)
  • Blackburn (TN-7)
  • Boustany (LA-3)
  • Brady (TX-8)
  • Bridenstine (OK-1)
  • Brooks (AL-5)
  • Broun (GA-10)
  • Burgess (TX-26)
  • Byrne (AL-1)

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