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  • Ron Obvious

    Violent Crime is perfectly alright, and a part of life… but when you use a firearm against someone… especially to defend yourself, you are the worst kind of scum!!! Morgan is a parasite on the U.S. He is all for coming to this barbaric country and getting rich, espousing how backward and moronic we are! He need to take his money and fly back to Enland and find a Masque to become a member, cause England is fast becoming a Islamic State! Morgan’s argument is the most baseless drivel one can offer in the firearm banning /confiscation movement. Let’s call it what it is, it isn’t about ‘controling’ guns, it’s about the total banning private citizens from owning firearms of any kind, so only the government has all the firepower!

    • Ron Obvious

      Just for clarification… my opening statement above was sarcasm! You are just as dead if someone beats you to death with their fist, as you are if they use a firearm of any kind. Evil is evil, plain and simple. The firearm isn’t evil, no more than any other collection of metal and polymer parts.

  • JDH

    You want a nonviolent, civil, polite society? Back mandatory carry. Might be bloddy at first, especially in bars on Saturday nights, but the end result would quickly become a society that is much more tolerant and respectful of the rights and opinions of others. As far as those who abhor and would not carry firearms, they would provide the usefulrole of victims to help us identify and weed out the crazies still at loose in our society. Anyone who was shot for exhibiting excessive political correctness would be considered the victim of justifiable homicide. Anyone who shoots Piers Morgan would only be charged if he shot a polecat out of season



  • Tank

    I watched this interview…. Piers Morgan was completely unprofessional with his badgering and name calling. Can’t win an argument? Just call someone a stupid man and and idiot! That’s his tact… He was clearly offended when Mr. Pratt quoted statistical numbers about Britain, England, and Europe, then immediately started calling him names and talking over him so he couldn’t infect his viewers with those crazy little non-emotional response facts… Good job for Mr Pratt keeping his composure during this berating interview, where he was clearly set to be on the defensive from the beginning.

  • jhforsythe

    Morgan is an idiot! If he likes England so much, why doesn’t he go back home.

  • HDMania

    I heard here on the net that when Morgan lived in England he worked for a news agency and was fired for writing false news reports..is that why he moved here to the USA..Morgan is an ass plain and simple..

  • Bigboy1942

    Peirs Morgan is not wrong, he is just a Fu**i*ng MORON!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brashear.31 John Brashear

    the UK has the Highest Crime rates of the that part of the world, and crime in general is fairly high in China as well, they just use knives and swords or what ever they can find, the results are usually the same……

  • James Fontana

    This nitwit needs to go back to England tared and feathered. He is nothing but a lound mouth Britt with no business speaking about afairs in this country.

  • moberndorf

    Piers Morgan is a talentless idiot who needs to go back where he came from.

  • Asotal

    Piers Morgan is not an intellectual giant, he is an interviewer who follows his boss’s orders to embarass his guest. I’m sick and tired of seeing these English and Australian interviewers on CNN.

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