• ProgressiveChick

    omg. you gun carrying idiots really think you can do a better job than our police force?! really???? i mean they are government trained officials. much better than some loser learning how to shoot on her own.

    • I’ll protect you

      He just said he was a law enforcement officer. Are you even reading the story, or just bashing it because of your lib views. Wake up!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Cifelli/1486374135 Ed Cifelli

      These are the guys that wounded half dozen innocent bystanders? Civilians get to go out and practice more often.

      • USMC and America proud

        BTW they wounded bystanders because of their training, which as a professional, is VERY inadequate in these instances! They have been trained to ‘react’ instead of carefully assessing the situation, take a cover position, AIM CAREFULLY, and take out the threat! Try it sometime! You can’t adjust your aim when pulling a trigger that fast! The recoil of the piece doesn’t come back on target unless you take the time to re-aim!! I criticized their action at the time, and said that it wasn’t their fault. It was the training to react by the department, who think that a bystander being shot in their crossfire is reasonable when taking out an armed killer! Shoot 10 to kill 1 is OK? Sorry, not to me! I’m hired to PROTECT the public, not harm them to reduce threats by any means possible!
        Hit the ground, AIM and THEN fire!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KSRJ2G37O3AFOH3LISCRMFJYLE R

      It’s not a mater of how good or well trained they are. It’s the plain fact that there is not a personal cop for every citizen so when bad stuff happens the citizen far more often is unprotected and if he or anyone else can actually call for help the response time is often just not fast enough to prevent harm or death. It’s a personal choice, do you want to be ready to protect yourself and your family or do you want to take your chance that nothing bad will ever happen and if it does that police response time will be quick enough to get you out of the jamb?

    • Sinatra98

      Hey Lib like i told that person Feinstein go and cleanse yourself and wake up to the real world, someday some honest law biding citizen with a GUN might just save your A…….but we can talk forever you Libs only know one thing down with the law biding tax papers and give to the parasite.

    • Sinatra98

      I also resent the fact that you called me an idiot please we have enough of those in Washington, they can be gun toting and have armed guards all day long, so it’s good for them but not for us. Go back to your CAVE

    • Sinatra98

      Not done yet i have two very good friends and two nephews that are NYPD and to me they are the best, a question was asked if someone has a gun in their face and is ready to be shot meanwhile a neighbor calls the police how fast can you respond when your one mile away from the scene well as fast as the squad car can get us there,but we could be to late if the subject had the chance to defend him or herself we think it would be a good call on their part.
      I’ve always stood by the NYPD i think they are the finest in the country.
      But even they can’t be at the scene at a moments notice after all we are only human.

    • Hoodoo H

      Lady, I can outshoot most of ‘em.
      We don’t call 911.

    • kid721952

      DO YOU REALLY THINK THERE IS ENOUGH LAW ENFORCEMENT to be there at the exact moment the intruder breaks into your house,will you even have time to call them,you act as if they live right next door or just down the street,you act as if they will listen to reason,criminals don’t break into homes just to get talked out of it,they are there for a reason,they are hungry,need a fix,want sex or something of value to sell-NOT TO TALK TO YOU,that loser you are talking about is trying to protect herself and her family,you are the loser expecting someone else to protect you when you can’t even protect yourself,you are a coward,I KNOW I can do a better job because I’m there and they are not,my life maybe on the line and I’m the only one that can save me,you depend on other people more than you do on yourself,YOU ARE THE LOSER

    • Ynot commonsense

      Yes . Government trained that says it all. They may be government trained but if they are not at the point of attack while it is going down it dosnt matter if it’s a NAvy seal or an army ranger, or a police officer . they cannot help if they are 23 mins away. I carry a gun but you need to wake the f up and get out of your disney fantasy world, turn off the t.v. and go out into the REAL world where the criminal shoots first and dosent ask if you’d like him to please put his gun down. Did Jeff Dahmer stop when his victims asked him to no he shot another shot of drugs into their system, did ted Bundy stop when the many women he raped and killed screamed for help ? no they waited for the police.

  • Suzanne

    Maybe not better, but most people who have been trained, can protect themselves and their families until the police get there. You are unaware of how responsilble most of the gun owning population is. Even someone of your age and temperment can be taught to respect the weapon and treat it carefully. No one expects to replace the police, that would be ludicrious. It’s just so that we are not dead when they get there.

    • ProgressiveChick

      i would rather talk the perpetrator out of his decision than owning a gun to shoot at him.

      • USMC and America proud

        Never ran into a drugged out-on-LSD perp have ya!? You won’t HAVE a chance to talk them out of ANYTHING! Shows that you have NO concept of self preservation! We military and law enforcement “types” know WHEN and WHEN NOT to use our weapons!
        As a trained professional, if YOU are brandishing a firearm, I have no idea if it is loaded or not! Guess what? I’m NOT gonna wait till I hear ‘click’! I’m going to warn you ONCE, or if I have enough cover, MAYBE twice, then the next sound YOU hear is a bullet striking your body!

        You go ahead and try to talk a person that’s taken a ‘mind altering substance’ down from his/her “seeing aliens and demons” attacking them, and I’ll come by right after, to ask you how your little chat went! ‘Course you probably won’t be answering me at that point!

        These people steal weapons from law abiding citizens, and even gang-bangers to use when they’re in a paranoid state, because they are, from months and sometimes years of drug use, very paranoid and see everything as a threat! All it takes, is one bad trip! Some of the drugs they use can enhance their strength and make them very hard to bring down! I’ve seen them keep going after several rounds striking them, only dying after the drugs run down! If you’re confronted by this person, and you are perceived as a threat to them, AND you are unarmed? By-bye!

      • Hoodoo H

        ARE YOU BLONDE !!!
        Life’s not all rainbows, bubblegum and unicorns lady!

      • Dave

        With all the respect to the female gender I must ask….. Is this what you call having a conversation with man you just met while having sex you don’t want?

      • barbiecakes

        Right. He has a gun in your face and you’ll ask him if he had a bad childhood.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Mullins/100000730091451 Robert Mullins

        In one of the departments he shows that the average 911 receives
        your call to the time an officer arrives was 7 minutes. I’m a retired
        deputy sheriff and during my training we listened to a recording of an
        actual 911 call. A woman called stating that she was home alone and
        someone was trying to break in. The operator told her to find a place to
        hide and not hang up. That an officer was on his way and would be there
        shortly. Because she did not hang the phone up what happened next was
        recorded. The suspect found the woman and you could hear her screaming
        and asking repeatedly why he was doing this. After raping her the
        suspect left and shortly after that you heard the officer arrive. The
        suspect was caught a short distance from the victims house. I can’t
        remember the exact time that it took the officer to arrive but I believe
        it was less than 7 minutes. The whole class was shocked at the short amount of time it took the officer to arrive, because it seemed like a lifetime listening to the tape which was in real time It wasn’t the officers fault he responded
        as fast as he could and did the best that he could but it wasn’t fast
        enough to save the woman. Believe it or not this happens all the time,
        at least far more than it should.

  • 724willy, sheepdog

    Progressive Chick, You better hope some gun toting citizen is nearby to defend you for those 7 minutes you are waiting for the police, who will likely arive too late, and report our demise, rape, or assault. Good luck with that.

    • ProgressiveChick

      guns aren’t necessary. words and love are all that people need.

      • USMC and America proud

        I’m not even gonna comment on how stupid that observation was! Think the guy that killed all those children had any love? Or what about Arafat, or Bin Laden, or Hitler, or…….
        Sorry, but I need to tell you that I love Jesus our Christ, and Iove mankind as a whole! I promise I love you too! But Jesus himself told his deciples to arm themselves! You think you know better than Jesus? I’ll pray for you, because you really need Christs’ love and His Word to open your eyes to His truth!

      • kid721952

        Tell that to the woman and two daughters raped,robbed and left for dead,words and love got her and her daughters almost killed,this world is VERY DANGEROUS now with the economy and jobs the way they are,I’ll stick with my guns to protect myself and my family

      • Hoodoo H

        O.K… Ihave come to the conclusion you’re a drone.
        Good luck when that person described happens upon your home. I pray you’ll have lost your stupidity by then.

      • Switchblade

        Boys, you know she’s trying to shake you up a little. A complete idiot knows that is not something worth pursuing when your life is on the line. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

      • Black Rain

        People, it sounds like she likes it rough to almost death, you know that chocking sensation that’s going around during sex. It will be fun right up to the point they snap your pretty little neck. Is your name Hillary? And I bet you don’t have children around to protect.

    • kid721952

      Average time for police to arrive is 23 minutes,my family and my self could be dead and robbed and the suspect could be half way across the city by the time police show up,lawenforcement need our help as honest,law abidding citizens

  • Fred_K

    I read the rest of the article, and the truth is the truth. I am not willing to wait to see if the cops will show up. I can not trust that they will be timely in their arrival, ot that they will even show up at all. Futhermore, they do not have to put themselves in harms way if they do not want to. I would rather make the criminal a statistic, than be one myself.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    The courts have proven time and time again the cops are NOT there to protect citizens. They only show up, as time allows, to usually start a criminal investigation after the deed is done. ‘Sometimes’ they luck out, by pure chance, and get to a scene where it’s still going down, but even then you’re more likely to be dead than not.

  • Eaglestrike

    As a Law Enforcement Veteran I can assure you that the Police have no duty to protect an individual. The Police are there to protect the community as a whole. They are there to clean up the mess after it has happened Do not let anyone tell you they are proactive, that is political hog wash. Law Enforcement is reactive. If you choose to be a victim so be it. Do Not however expect me to be a victim. In the area I live in and worked response time is (on a good day when the stars are aligned properly) 20 to 30 minutes (running code). Most violent encounters are over in seconds. Most home invasions are over in less than 10 minutes.

    • Hoodoo H

      Amen, Brother!

  • MadPunter1963

    Even if cops COULD be everywhere (which, I suppose, would violate the laws of physics), the laws of the land say cops don’t have to be anywhere. Just a couple of examples…

    Warren v. District of Columbia – [It is a] fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.

    DeShaney v. Winnebago County – care and protection only exist as to certain individuals, such as incarcerated prisoners, involuntarily committed mental patients and others restrained against their will.

  • Dave

    I spent 21 years as a Deputy Sherif in a county of 400 sq miles (20 X 20 miles). I was ask hundreds of times by citizens if they should have a firearm for protection. I always answered their question with a question. My question was you live in a county that has 400 sq miles in it. In this county there are two Deputies period on second and third trick at any time. “Do you think when I receive a call to assist you with an intruder and my pardner and I are tied up on a call on the other side of the county with a 30 minute response time (that is if I can pull away from the call I am on) can I properly protect you”? Usually that was the end of the conversation!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Mullins/100000730091451 Robert Mullins

      Dave I spent 35 years as a Deputy Sheriff in a county of 660 square miles and I know exactly what you mean.

  • barbiecakes

    Cops don’t save you. They are there to put you into the body bag.

  • Matt_S

    Thanks for sharing this, I’m honored that it is getting passed around as much as it has and I’m glad to see it is provoking an honest discussion.

    In response to ProgressiveChick, I don’t know what to say. It appears to me that you 1) have never dealt with the types of people who commit violent crime and 2) have never been the victim of violent crime. If they could be reasoned with, they would not be doing what they are doing, as I’m pretty sure all of us were raised being told not to kill, rob, shoot or steal, yet that is what some people do. Some people are just evil and there is no reasoning with them.

    Much like other groups of people who, no matter how many facts you show some them supporting any argument, they are able to ignore those facts because they find them inconvenient, much like the facts disproving any positive effect of gun control. This is a pretty simple question, if gun control is so wonderfully great and the cops are all you need to protect you, then why are 88% of sworn law enforcement officers opposed to any additional forms of gun control? (from a recent survey conducted by a law enforcement publication)

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    The police take 15 to 30 minutes to get to you with help ,,,, a .357 mag. travels at 5473 feet per second ,, which one do you want ????????

  • jd332

    When seconds count the police are only minutes away. That is provided they go to the right address and don’t shoot you or your dog.
    Remember the police are the first line of defence of the government against the citizens, you are only a potential threat to this para-military group and they have real assult weapons.

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