Wiki: DNC & CNN Traded Notes on Questions for Trump…

This shouldn’t be surprising. Recent WikiLeaks emails show that CNN teamed up with the DNC to devise questions for an interview of then-Republican primary candidate Donald Trump. That seems fair and unbiased, right? If there is one thing we know, we won’t be watching the CNN coverage of the election.

By Daniel Chaitin

In an email to DNC colleagues on April 25 with the headline “Trump Questions for CNN,” a DNC official with the email username [email protected] asked for ideas for an interview to be conducted by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

“Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed. … Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow.”

The sender of the email would seem to be DNC Research Director Lauren Dillon, who was identified in previous reports of DNC emails released by WikiLeaks in July.

Several hours after the first email was sent, Dillon said in a follow-up email that the interview had been cancelled, “as of now,” but shared a list of questions thought up by the DNC that she said could be used for the next interview.

Some questions that were included:

  • Who helped you write the foreign policy speech you’re giving tomorrow?
  • Which advisors specifically did you talk to?
  • What advice did they give you?
  • Did they give you any advice that you chose not to take?

Trump wasn’t the only candidate where this happened. In a separate email from Dillon on the same day, he said “CNN is looking for questions” for an interview with Ted Cruz, and “maybe a couple on” Carly Fiorina.

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