WIN FOR THE PIT: Missouri Cities are Repealing their Ban on Pit Bulls

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.17.47 AMGreat news!

While pit bull bans spark a lot of heated discussions between friends and neighbors, the tide appears to be with opponents of the bans.

In last couple of years, more than 100 communities across the nation have repealed their bans, including several in the Kansas City metro like Bonner Springs, Fairway and Spring Hill.

One of the few people who spoke in favor of keeping the ban in Roeland Park was Karen Stroud.

Stroud said a pit bull once attacked a close friend’s child.

“Once a child is mauled, that’s with them for the rest of their life,” she said.

Stroud lost the battle. The Roeland Park city council voted 6-2 to lift the ban.

People who share Stroud’s concerns about the danger of pit bulls have been on the losing end a lot lately.

Courtney Thomas, the president and CEO of Great Plains SPCA, believes the bans are being repealed because people are beginning to understand that the dogs aren’t the problem, the owners are.

“Bans of any kind for any type of breed are an ineffective way to manage a community and the safety of that community,” said Thomas. “It’s really about how the pets were raised, how they’re being raised today.”

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