Winning! Illegal Immigrants Stop Taking Food Stamps Because…

Illegal immigrants are dropping out of food programs left and right. Which is a good thing, we hope it leads to them becoming legal citizens. But there are some people who do have green cards who are also dropping out. Does this mean they have illegals living with them? Or is there some narrative that has been pushed that Trump will deport all immigrants, legal or not? We know that’s not the case but what do you think is going on?

By Hank Berrien

According to The Washington Post, a number of illegal immigrant families are pulling their children out of the SNAP program because they feel that enrolling in the program would expose their identities as illegal immigrants, leading to deportation.

But as Jazz Shaw writes at Hot Air, there are some problems with Fortin’s perceptions: First, it is against the law for illegal immigrants to collect SNAP benefits. He points out that even if it is the children ostensibly receiving the SNAP benefits, the whole family shares them. Second, Fortin also references families of legal immigrants including green card holders as part of her lament, which makes no sense because they are legally entitled to SNAP benefits and thus have no reason to fear immigration authorities.

Robert Rector, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told Dewey, “I don’t think it’s proper to increase the burden on U.S. taxpayers for people whose only claim to them is that they broke our law. These children receive a large amount of benefits because their parents came here illegally.”

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