WISCONSIN RECOUNT: Jill Stein Spends MILLIONS on Recount Only to ADD Votes to Trump

The former Green Party Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, has fronted about $3.5 million in an effort to prove President-elect Trump won Wisconsin through voter fraud. Her efforts have kind of backfired.

The breakdown looks like this:

Trump has lost 302 votes.
Trump has gained 386 votes.
Trump net vote gain by Day 5: 84 votes

Clinton has lost 293 votes.
Clinton has gained 351 votes.
Clinton net vote gain by Day 5: 58 votes

Trump total net gain: 26 votes

The recount deadline is December 13th and this is just DAY 5. So far it has only helped Trump. At this point-in-time Donald has a lead of 22,000 points, since Dec. 5th. Do you think any of the recount effort will hurt the President-elect?


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