• Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Does this now mean background checks to buy a knife? Too bad the woman wasn’t armed and in a position to shoot that criminal jerk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.guthrie2 Anthony Guthrie

      Unfortunately, the criminals won’t follow the rules and they will have the guns to go after the law abiding “knife owners” of the future.

      • Logo4245

        When will they realize that criminals do not register guns or submit to background checks? Only law abiding citizens do.

        • scottie526

          My suggestion is to (1) castrate the individual and then (2) hang him after the trial by his peers. remember to make it as painful as possible for the ordeal that he put his victims thru.

          • Retired Marine

            Skip the trial.

          • pikemaster1

            Hold Bloomberg responsible for his laws to be able to defend yourself. Who the hell would live in NY anyways ???? Molon Labe and God bless.

          • Clint

            Hold the Governor of New York, Governor Cuomo responsible, for he is the one who is pushing laws in N.Y. stripping citizens of their weapons of protection. Cuomo is a liberal disgrace and enemy to thinking American citizens, and especially the citizens of N.Y. state.

          • toooldsmart

            Moving to Texas very soon, thank God!

          • Huapakechi

            What liberal socialist is NOT a disgrace and enemy to American citizens?

          • toooldsmart

            CUOMO is even MORE responsible, for this horror!

          • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.michael.9250 Jeff Michael

            Nope, everyone gets a trial, even baby rapers. It’s possible for anyone to be falsly accused. Weigh the evidence, convict by jury, then hang ‘em. Lest we ourselves become monsters

          • Rattlerjake

            Nah, just hang him by his balls until dead!

          • Old American

            Hang him with bloomberg balls…..well maybe he does not have any….never mind

          • Guest

            I’ll gladly buy the rope to do it with.

          • rhondaher

            Bloomberg is castrated and wears pink underwear. O thought he was nice when he was in town. He esp. likes white men.

          • ONTIME

            I was going to recommend a rusty razor and salt but that’s just me…it’s a fact we do coddle these maniacs and we have to many bleeding hearts to make crime prevention work…I believe self defense is prolife..

          • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

            Mind if I use that quote? “Self Defense is Prolife” I like that…

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Dodson/1058030227 Donald Dodson

            he should be place in general population with the name baby rapist tattoed on him.

          • toooldsmart

            Bring back the Eletcric Chair!

          • Huapakechi

            The Crow’s Cage would be more appropriate.

          • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

            Good suggestion, no anasthesia allowed.

        • m444ss

          They don’t care if criminals won’t register guns. They just want your guns.

          • toooldsmart

            EXACTLY, Never forget, Hitler 1938, OR BENGHAZI!

        • Clint

          They will never acknowledge this even though the authorities are completely aware that criminals do not follow the law. That is why they are called criminals. Those in office who pass laws restricting the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens are assisting the criminals in their breaking of our laws, including politicians and the court judges.

          • toooldsmart

            Wht part of “Shall NOT be infringed” do they not understand?

          • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

            They are not assisting, they are committing perjury themselves. They swore to uphold the constitution.

          • Clint

            They are assisting the criminals in that they want to deprive the law abiding citizens access to arms that the Constitution instructs that our rights are from God and our rights are upheld by the Constitution. By depriving us of arms they make it safe for criminals to rob, rape, steal and kill. That is assisting the criminal beyond a doubt.

        • toooldsmart

          This AGENDA, is not about protecting anyone, but “obama” and his gang!

        • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

          Well as the saying goes, they might not be right, but they are never wrong! Just ask one.

    • Old American

      Then the State of New York would have electrocuted her for having a gun!

    • Clint


    • toooldsmart

      In NY , the nanny State , ( for the criminals , that is) we can BUY knives, but we cannot carryn anything that might save our, or our childrens lives!

      • Huapakechi

        Don’t ask, don’t tell…….

    • Guest


    • sunhawg

      Well, just keep in mind “When every second counts, you don’t need a gun because the cops are only 20 minutes away.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.guthrie2 Anthony Guthrie

    A criminal in NY state (or DC, Illinois, New Jersey and Conneticut) has a better chance of getting away with such behavior than he would in the state of Texas, Arizona, Vermont or Alaska. If this lady was allowed by law to possess a firearm, she may have been able to protect herself and her daughter. Or, of course, the criminal could have taken it from her and used it on the two females. Regardless, I would prefer having the chance to DEFEND myself and my family. May the leadership in NY State feel the pain of this victim and the future victims due to being helpless against those that would cause them harm. If I were a criminal, you bet your hide I would prefer living and “plying the criminal trade” in those states that keep the citizens unarmed. Less chance of getting “fired”, pun intended. All I know is that I am prepared to defend me and mine.

    • Pied Piper

      They would have a better chance because they don’t want to lose anybodies liberial vote.

    • Huapakechi

      I would think the husband and father would retaliate, and since the perpetrator is currently out of reach, those bureaucrats responsible for his wife being unarmed might become his targets. There are so many to choose from.

    • Alfred Ferguson

      Also, Anthony, less–much less–chance of getting “fried”–“cruel and unusual” don’t you know. But those poor victims–nothing “cruel” there. “Usual”? Maybe, increasingly so.

      • eddyjames

        When did we go to a painless execution policy? Seems like it would be more of a deterrent if executions were public, painful and drawn out. The English used to do it right. When the criminal was drawn and quartered after having every bone in their body broken with an iron rod over a period lasting hours maybe even days. After all it’s not really so much as how much pain you can cause them as how long you can cause them maximum pain that works..No Mercy!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.michael.9250 Jeff Michael

      The likelyhood of a thug taking your gun away from you is very slim. Very few will even try. Most will piss themselves and run. Do the research and educate yourself.

  • Logo4245

    Tragic. Poor child.

    • toooldsmart

      LOGO, NO Unecessary, ans disgusting! Blame Cuomo!

  • jjumpire21

    If you are a woman you damn well better get a small .38 and learn how to use it and keep it on you like a second skin.The monsters want easy victims and you can not reason with them and the Democrats strategy of peeing in your pants is not the answer.Make them pee in theirs instead.

    • Huapakechi

      Even in New York, tried by twelve beats getting carried by six.

      • toooldsmart

        My husband was a NY State Trooper, and he told me the same thing, Haupakechi!

        • Alfred Ferguson

          I wish people would stop using words or expressions that are meaningful to them , or to some particular group of which they are a part, and are rarely, if ever, found in a common dictionary. Those who do employ such terms blunt the significance of their communique to outsiders commonly in agreement with the sentiment the writer is attempting (unsuccessfully) to communicate. (English Composition, 101, U. of Minnesota).

          • Huapakechi

            A liberal education has drained your brains? Huapakechi is my nic. I’ve taken it to honor a warrior I served with.

          • http://twitter.com/Jstarusa James Star

            right! And also I didnt know we were being graded on English composition. Might want to tell that to some of the illegals in this country that do not want to even speak or learn English…

          • Huapakechi

            When I saw the U of Minn brag, I immediately suspected an educated idiot.
            Employment for translators and multi year language classes along with bilingual government forms are part of the ‘benefits’ of unenforced immigration laws.

            Flush ‘em!

        • Huapakechi

          It’s one of those real world lessons that people who carry arms already know

    • GG

      And bleed a bit as well.

    • Clint

      If this scum were in Alabama committing these acts on my family or my neighbors family, I personally would make him do more than pee his pants, and I would try really hard to save our state the cost of a trial and upkeep in prison. Rest in fear and torment scum.

  • Thom Raasio

    And the MAXIUM PUNISHMENT for RAPE in New York State is………………….ta, ta, ta, ta, ta-daaaaaaaa…………
    Three HOT meals a day, a good bed to sleep on, showers, T.V. to watch, ALL of you medical bills paid, ALL of you dental bills paid, and ARMED SECURITY to keep you safe from anyone who would try to break in to your pad and KILL you for RAPING their CHILD and KILLING their WIFE.
    THANK YOU BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL, DEMOCRAT, PROGRESSIVE, IDIOTS, for your TIRELESS efforts to be sure these kinds of criminals have NOTHING to deter them from committing their crimes nor to FEAR after getting their “jollies” off doing what they love most.

    • thomas gentile

      oh yaaaa a slap on the wrist > we should have all liberals live in New York .. the big welfare state just like Chicago Philadelphia LA Miami DC / THEY DO DESERVE THEM !!!

      • Clint

        You forgot California.

        • toooldsmart

          Does Ca count?

    • William Burke

      And this is a firsthand observation, right? When were you last in prison?

      • DenverKitty

        William: From a Correctional Officer, azzwipe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.michael.9250 Jeff Michael

      But don’t you dare be caught trying to defend yourself. That privilege is reserved for the elite.

  • thomas gentile

    maybe it’s time to bring back the old wild west >> vigilante’s > right now it would strongly appear that it was much safer back then . > we have too many people in our country . and toooooo many foreigners and especially illegals . an open vigilante day day on illegal would settled this country down >> a lot

    • DenverKitty

      …and would clear out my neighborhood.

  • Stealth

    I say KILL this M-F****er the old fashioned way…drop him in a PIT with some lions! But I’m SURE some Liberal morons somewhere will say…aw….this poor guy… thhat woman and her TEN year old probably provoked it!

    • Huapakechi

      Nah. The libs will claim mental illness and he could not help himself. When they mouth such tripe, pop ‘em like ducks in a shooting gallery.

      Is the perp an illegal alien or is he a home grown pervert?

  • Camden

    I am a big proponent of “eye for an eye”. That waste of DNA needs to be raped (I say repeatedly) then stabbed to death (after being raped repeatedly)

  • moberndorf

    This guy should have been castrated after the first offense. As it is, he will now spend the rest of his life living better than many of the working poor, but at OUR expense. Liberals and their interference in the justice system are responsible for this woman’s tragic death, and the abomination that has scarred her poor daughter for life. Damn them.

    • Clint

      My feelings exactly.

  • Retired Marine

    Oh I’m sure this government will say it was the woman and the child’s fault, as the assailant was only following his deviant sex drive, much like the fruitcakes follow theirs. This administration has already stated that pedophilia is a drive not a crime! Enough is enough. We as a society wishing for a normal, not aberrant set of values had best use our collective voices, since the queers and predators are currently screaming louder and getting their way. The liberal media must lose all the income derived from conservatives, cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions, stop watching the msnbc, cbs, nbc, cnn and other liberal leaning networks, boycott their advertisers, and don’t fall for the sob stories used for getting donations. Cut the funds, and they blow away like dust in the wind.

  • Doc

    He will get 1 to 5 in the state pen and be out in 14 months for good behavior. God forbid they should give him the needle.

  • Hawkeye3939

    Would the Honorable Governor Cuomo care to explain how his aggressive gun control laws could have prevented this outrage? Outlaw knives? How about we outlaw people who have been convicted of dealing in child porn and take them out back and blow the scumbags away? Or should we start with legislators who think they’ve got to “do something” whether or not is will help is immaterial. When will America wake up and realize criminals don’t obey laws?? It’s part of their job descriptions for God’s sake.

  • polmutant

    good for the woman, she should have been armed. and so what if they caught the perpetrator, he will be free and do it again in 6months. so much for government protection!
    stock up on your weaponry, the commie pink kenyan will be inviting and releasing millions more antichrist, anti american scum into the country.

  • The Old Man

    This is a perfect example of how the criminal mind works. He broke every law he could to do what he wanted. He didn’t have a gun, so I guess we have to begin a background check on knives, maybe scissors too.
    It is possible that if she was armed she would still be alive now, but she was legislated to be a victim and so was her daughter.

    • toooldsmart

      -and Cuomo want to run for President?!!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    You might as well prepare yourself for a lot more news like this in NY state, considering the plans for disarming every law abiding citizen in the state. As the murder and armed robbery numbers skyrocket, the left will merely call for even more gun control. How much further could they want, walking around butt naked? That’s gonna suck in NY winter weather.

  • DrZarkov99

    Creeps like this are usually “shanked” within days of being placed in some prison systems, but NY will probably provide security to protect him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pmaamodt Peter Aamodt

    Since they continue to release rapist and child porn individuals and expect them to follow the rules. Then castration should be mandatory to protect the innocent and future victims. They have proven their worth to society by there actions and convection. Hold his attorneys liable for getting him off and out of jail. Gives new meaning to a non violent child porn observer.

  • Always_RIGHT2

    And, here’s what’s going to happen next… the murderer/rapist will be set free by a libtard judge/jury/defense lawyer (or if he is put in prison, our libtard president will release him to save money for his multi-million dollar vacations!). Meanwhile, the libtards in congress and media will demand more gun control and add knife control legislation, too, claiming that it has to be done in order to ensure this never happens again! So, the end result will be making society even more defenseless against maniacs! Oh, and Obama will layoff some police officers, too, because ya know, there’s no where else to save money … like, um, million dollar golf trips or $250,000,000 giveaways to the Muslim Brotherhood, or the billion dollar gift of taxpayer-funded 200 tanks and 20 F16’s.

    Thing is, many of you think I’m joking or exagerating. Did you know that the guy who set the homes on fire and then shot cops/fireman as they arrived had previously beaten his mom to death with a hammer? Yet, he was a free man. That’s our justice system. Catch and release. Then the libtards clueless ban guns from the law-abiding people because they’re too stupid to realize that murderers, rapists, robbers don’t obey laws! The Newtown guy broke 41 laws that day – who is so stupid to think that another law would have made a difference? C’mon, once you’re so wacked out and immoral that you want to kill schoolchildren, are you going to change your mind because they outlaw magazines with over 10 rounds?

    • DrZarkov99

      Once again looking to the UK for our future under Progressives, having obliterated any right to own guns or even defend themselves in their own homes, they’re now considering a ban on knives with sharp points. Knives are now the weapon of choice for street thugs, so the bright bunnies in the UK liberal political community want to make it illegal to sell or possess any knife that could be used to stab someone. Of course the idea a thug can easily use a file to make a blunt ended knife pointed, because he doesn’t care about the law doesn’t seem to register, just like the fact that UK criminals still use illegal guns in their activities. Homeowners who don’t abandon their home, choosing instead to protect themselves against intruders are the ones being sent to jail in the dysfunctional British Isles.

      • GG

        The Brits don’t get the idea of people having guns..that is because they are used to being “subjects” and not citizens…that is what the whites came here for in the first place …to BE FREE.

        • toooldsmart

          GG/ Then where are WE the PEOLE, and how much more are we going to bend over and t ake??!

    • jlbs

      “….to ensure this never happens again!” I get so tired of hearing that phrase! These idiots (and I don’t usually call anyone names) somehow think they are so wonderful, that they can make all the bad stuff go away by just passing a law. Most of these idiotic ideas came into being after hussein became leader of the US. Just goes to show that when there is no leadership in DC, there is no leadership anywhere…..at least in the lib states and cities.

      • Always_RIGHT2

        I cringe whenever I hear that phrase, too. I mean, seriously, you cannot ever make sure it’s not going to happen again, no matter what. Any politician who says they’re going to make sure it’s never going to happen again is an idiot. Same goes for those who say “well, we have to do something.” No, not if the something you “have to do” is equivalent to pouring gasoline on a fire, which after all, is “doing something!” Their cluelessness amazes me – a wacko kills some people – in a theatre or in a classroom or wherever – and their knee-jerk reaction is “let’s disarm law-abiding people.” Really? And how’s that going to help? Of course, in their feeble, clueless minds, wackos/gang-bangers/robbers/theives/murderers/rapists are going to throw away their weapons and discard any magazine that doesn’t comply with the new law. OMG – libtards really are stupid enough to think that! Amazing, isn’t it? I know, why don’t we just make a law that says you shouldn’t kill people? Oh, what? There is such a law? Really? Well, then I’m sure it will never happen again!

        Oh, another phrase I hate – “If it saves just one life, it’s worth it.” Obama has said this. What a crock of sh**! Message to Obama – guns are used in self defense 2.5 million times a year!!!! So, because we have a couple wackos shoot up theatres and classrooms, killing a dozen or two people, let’s make sure those 2.5 million people are defenseless, just so you can rest assured in the fantasy that you’ve disarmed/prevented a wacko from doing this again! Geeez, that is stupidity and naivety personified.

        • toooldsmart

          Not naive, DANGEROUS to WE the PEOPLE!

        • Alfred Ferguson

          yes, “stupidity and naivete’ personified”–also descriptive of (modern) liberalism generally. True believers in “The Church of (Modern) Liberalism” (it’s sort of what they have in place of God). Such as they never allow facts, or reality, to disturb their naive faith, traceable to Jean Jacques Rousseau ((1712-1778)) high priest of “The Church of The Basic Goodness of Human Nature”).

      • Huapakechi

        These ideas have been around long before “o”boy hit the limelight. The implementation of these insane and unconstitutional regulations came about because the liberals thought they had an unbeatable crisis to allow them to really push the disarmament agenda.

    • Huapakechi

      Our “Criminal” Justice System seems designed to take bad apples and make them worse, before dumping them out on an increasingly disarmed and constrained population of law abiding citizens.
      (September 13, 2010. Revised 12/28/12. (http://justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp)
      * Nationwide in 2008, law enforcement agencies reported that 55% of aggravated assaults, 27% of robberies, 40% of rapes, and 64% of murders that were reported to police resulted in an alleged offender being arrested and turned over for prosecution.[26] [27]
      * Currently, for every 12 aggravated assaults, robberies, sexual assaults, rapes, and murders committed in the United States, approximately one person is sentenced to prison for committing such a crime.[28] [29] [30]
      * A 2002 U.S. Justice Department study of 272,111 felons released from state prisons in 1994 found that within three years of their release:
      • at least 67.5% had been arrested for committing a new offense
      • at least 21.6% had been arrested for committing a new violent offense
      • these former inmates had been charged with committing at least 2,871 new homicides, 2,444 new rapes, 3,151 other new sexual assaults, 2,362 new kidnappings, 21,245 new robberies, 54,604 new assaults, and 13,854 other new violent crimes[31]
      * Of 1,662 murders committed in New York City during 2003-2005, more than 90% were committed by people with criminal records.[32]

    • Clint

      I wouldn’t need a gun for this scum. One 3 or 4 pound rock to the crotch, repeatedly should work very nicely. I would make sure that the next time he wouldn’t even have the urge. Our judicial system have coddled these creeps for way too long. They could call it cruel and unusual punishment if they wish. I would just remind the court that Cain probably killed his brother Able with a rock. Not unusual at all, and certainly not as cruel as raping a 10 year old and killing her mother.

  • bayman61

    Thanks to the Mayor, she had no way to defend herself.

  • jb80538

    This “suspect” neds to be put down like a rabid dog!

    • toooldsmart

      jb/ too easy on him!

  • Luckyme

    Why do they let scum like this back on the streets the liberal judges are absolute jack a–es plea bargain is BS do the crime go to prison no paroll period

    • Always_RIGHT2

      Here’s something I read about in the paper in recent months… true story… this is literally taken from the article I read – Juvenile killers sentenced to life in prison without parole – no longer have to worry about serving life in prison, because a federal judge declared they MUST receive a “fair and meaningful” chance at leaving prison.

      What? What is it about the phrase “Life Sentence Without Parole” don’t they understand? Judges think murderers who were sentenced to life in prison should be released. Perhaps we could put this clause into legislation – whatever crime the released felon commits, that same crime will be re-committed on the judge and/or his family! Then, maybe they’d think twice about releasing these maniacs!

      For example, you know that guy who set homes on fire, then shot the firefighters who showed up? He killed his mom with a hammer in the past, but he was released. I say a group of vigilantes should pay a visit to the judge and/or parole board that let the SOB out. Or hell, at least a camera crew and a reporter to shame the liberals who thought they’d give the SOB another chance!

      • toooldsmart

        Perhaps if the Juge had to take them home with him for a year?

  • OSJ

    Pedophiles have an over 96% recidivism rate. Every single one of them should be executed and removed from our society. Decent people shouldn’t have to be forced to breathe the same air as these swine. I hope a fellow prisoner rapes and kills this POS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eugene.lubben Eugene Lubben

    This animal should have never been out on bond he should have been locked up in a prison at the north pole and the key thrown away ,,,

  • JEButler

    Thank God she didn’t have a gun!!! She could have injured that man before he stabbed her. The NY S.A.F.E. ACT has saved a life, proof it works as intended!!

  • Gary Johnson

    Why was this PEDOPHILE out of jail??? The Liberals SUPPORT CRIMINALS because they are CRIMINALS!!!

  • m444ss

    (A) this is why my wife is buying a gun today. (B) all the money wasted on ineffective liberal programs should instead be used to build more prisons in NY rather than send guys like this out with ankle bracelets. (C) too bad death penalty won’t be aplicable for this animal.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stosh.hoskinson Stosh Hoskinson

      the real pity is that the bracelets are not rigged with explosives set to detonate if removed without authorization!!

      • m444ss

        Right on!

      • jlbs

        Great idea!!

      • toooldsmart

        WOO HOO Stoch! Good one!

  • Docstruick

    My most deepest condolances and prayers to this daughter, I am so sorry the world is so full of wicked evil minded people such as this maniac, I pray for your fullest possible recovery and please know real people that are good feel heart love for you and do hurt inside knowing what pain you have suffered.

    Please excuse my continuing ::Other Note:::

    Senator Fienstien,… its a shame this victims mother was not armed and able to defend herself and her daughter whom had indeed become victims from these types of ‘FREAKS’ our society has shown over and over.

    Take another look Fienstien, it is criminals such as these that you are helping commit these crimes by not allowing a human being to defend themselves and thier families in America, cloak your bill any way you wish….. the truth is the truth you want to make a difference? then you help this young lady that was a true victim of society, you cannot bring back her mother but you can help her life, stop making criminals crimes easier!

  • billofrights

    Maybe the Gov. will back Meghen’s Law now? Hopefully O’Reiley hears about this!
    I guess pissing on him, telling him she had an STP, or forgetting her scissor’s didn’t work.
    This scum should be put down! Don’t waste a penny more on this piece of S@*#.

  • John W.H.

    Never fear if you are in New York, the police will always be there to protect you. Is it time to add knifes to the list of things folks in New your should not have?

    • http://www.facebook.com/charles1682 Charles Caswell

      It won’t be long . In England a student of a culinary school was charged with possesion of an offensive weapon. He had his cooking knives in a hard case. But it did not have a lock on it.

  • Clint

    Imagine that, a criminal who won’t follow the orders of a court nor the laws that everyone else must follow. This person, (I won’t call him a man because he is not one), needs to be tried, convicted of murder and rape then summarily executed.

  • GG

    Another case of the liberals thinking criminals will follow rules or laws..that this vile piece of garbage was free to roam the streets and victimize defenseless women and children is obscene,,,and so is the judge who allowed him out of jail..the liberals think prison is for “rehabilitation” not punishnment…so much for their lunacy. Another child’s innocence gone and her mother dead,,and another perp who got off to do it again.

  • toooldsmart

    In NY State we are not even allowed Mace, we might discourage the rape of children, and the murder of thier mothers!

  • marineh2ominer

    This is precisely the position the liberal progressives in government want to put ALL of us , totally defensless against all the criminals they refuse to prosecute sufficiently . Maryland is a perfect example , pass more gun controll laws and then do away with the death penalty , What a bunch of HUGE A–HOLES .

  • southtxcowboy

    As we say here in Texas, get a rope and hang him high!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donnie-J-McDonald/1434843557 Donnie J McDonald

    Imagine a “murderer” and a “rapist”, not following the law. They pass laws that will hinder the right to self-defense and then they will coddle a murderous rapist. NY has become a breeding ground for crime as the politicians have just about disarmed the public from using self-defense and took away the death penalty. This piece of garbage who raped a child and murdered the child’s mother should be castrated and then hung. The politicians who coddle criminals should be charged with treason for creating a society that allows criminals to do violence at will, without fear of self-defense from their victims.

  • Gary Buelow


  • cottagemist

    Shummer,Cuomo,state legislation ate accomplices to this crime..women,children not able to protect themselves..when you vote remember who really has a war on women..vote it..liberal bias costs womens safe lives

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000246999718 Marylou Holtorf

    My heart goes out to this Mother and young Daughter and their Family, had they had Conceal and Carry in New York, would this lady be alive today ??
    Well you know the old saying about carrying a knife to a gun fight, she would have had him outweaponed.


    Yet another reason why pedophiles need to be locked up for LIFE!! Any state lawmakers who refuse to impose harsh penalties on these monsters or pass Jessica’s Law deserve to be voted out and their own kids subjected to these animals. I wonder how liberal or restorative justice minded they’d be then?

  • GoodMojo1

    To use a liberal tactic against them:
    “Liberals would rather law abiding people surrender all their worldly belongings and DIE!”
    That’s only my first try, but maybe some day I’ll be as good as that FL yahoo Alan Grayson.

  • usmc1063

    Did you ever get so angry that you no matter what you wrote never seemed to fit your frustration? This is how I am feeling now. This scum will now have his day in court at our cost since this is a now federal case. But what is worst of all he will be sitting in a nice warm prison cell eating three squares a day and getting care packages from the Salvation Army at Christmas for the rest of his life. This man will have all the comforts and protection while and innocent family has to try to clean up this train wreck. Yet what angers me the most is the little girl. I couldn’t in my wildest imagination understand the scars she will carry for the rest of her life. I truly pray the Lord God will touch and heal her soul. As for retribution for this turd I could think of a million ways. Yet I’m sure in my faith that God already has something better in mind. I just hope this scumbag is and Athiest that way he will be in for the surprise of his worthless life.

  • http://twitter.com/USA_Army2 Ray

    I was born and raised in Sin City and this bad news does not surprise me at all. This is why I will not go back to Gotham City. Mayor Bloomberg, would have made a great collaborator turn-coat for the Nazi Party and probably asking himself if David J. Rentz, actions were directly related to drinking Big Gulps. What a waste of space!

  • GoodMojo1

    Mom and daughter never had a chance. Cuomo will make sure no one else in NY does either.

  • DJ_Fisher

    Liberals will care about this guy’s childhood. They will be armchair psychiatrists and say that his mother abused him and gave him low self worth. The poor man had no release for his frustrations. When I think of what he did to that little girl all I can think about is getting this scum off the planet so he doesn’t do it again. ENFORCE THE DEATH PENALTY FOR CHILD RAPE IN ALL 50 STATES NOW !!!

    • Huapakechi

      Liberals encourage recycling, except for murderers and rapists.

  • gutterfalcon

    New York ? Gun Laws, If only that lady had a ink pen.

  • http://www.LuckyLuxtonAffiliateMarketing.com/ Keith “Lucky” Luxton

    How come a person charged with Murder is given bail. Another Darn liberal Judge loose in our judiciary. I remember the days when judges took their jobs seriously.

  • foxxybey

    Only in the gun free states, New York number 1, then Detroit, DC, Illinois what a bunch a nazi governments in each and everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Caplinger/1530802200 Mark Caplinger

    Would love to hear our “anti-gunners” explain what this woman should have done in order to prevent her death and the rape of her child….

  • sukhotai

    Where is the communist senator Feinstein when you need her.. Yo, Diane, better work on those assault knives and leave the AR’s alone since they “are not” assault weapons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charles1682 Charles Caswell

    Having a gun might not have allowed this woman to prevent this. But not allowing her to have a weapon ensured that she could not defend against it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Thomas/100000389310609 Steve Thomas

    Hey look. Costas was wrong again! She needed a gun!!!

  • TexasLady

    He promised to be good…cross his heart.

  • Jane Haslam

    Mr Rodrigues I agree with you but I would also add to bad this guy was out with only an ankle bracelet. Just shows how east it is to still commit crimes with one of these bracelets. He should have been in jail for having the child pornography on his computer. Stricter laws need to be passed especially when children are involved with a crime for they are the most defenseless of all.

  • Frank Jameson

    This animal should be skinned alive while nailed to the front doors of the court house.

  • rich

    Governor Cuomo is responsible.He should be held accountable.

    • americansonlyhere

      I agree – him and whatever bleeding heart judge granted his release. THey should be tried for the murder also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Clark/100002065492443 Mike Clark

    This guy should be castrated on TV to be broadcast to all rapist and also all guys incarcerated for rape and murder , After this guy bleads to death , we will then send federal Officers to the prisons where these rapist and child rapist and pediphiles are locked up and castrate them all . Then after people see wht happens to rapist & murderers , it might be a deterrent for anybody thinking about raping anyone , this is what will happen to them. Also if the Feds or the states don’t want to put it on TV we can always put it on you tube.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vito.esposito.14 Vito Esposito

    Maybe if the mother had one of those liberal whistles she’d be alive today!

    • americansonlyhere

      A good concealed carry gun would have stopped him permanently. Oh that right! Guns kill people. We cant have the average alw abiding citizen protecting themselves or their families.
      AR-15 would have been more effective.

  • runnindeer

    A knife doesn’t have to be large or have a long blade to be sharp enough to take a life. It would be a simple thing for one person to use a small blade knife to hold an entire plane of passengers . One well places blade is all that is needed to kill a person. Arteries are quite easy to get to. Ask any person who has ever been in prison just how much they can use a box cutter or small blade knife? If a man or woman thinks that it is easy to get free of someone who has a blade to their throat from behind, I suggest they rethink that. It can be done sometimes by some few, it isn’t easy or advisable. Who ever has decided that the people who fly now can carry on blades but not lotion or shampoo needs to be locked up . They are either a complete lunatic and fool, or they are trying to get people killed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Dodson/1058030227 Donald Dodson

    yet another reason why SCOTUS should declare may issue permits unconstitutional

    • americansonlyhere

      so you want the right to protect ourselves from this type of crime ruled unconstitutional? I think she she have been carrying and double tapped the guy to make sure he never did this to anyone ever again.

  • http://twitter.com/PaladinFirearms PaladinFirearms

    How’s that gun ban working for ya New York?

    If this lady was allowed to carry concealed she would have at least had a fighting chance to save her own life as well as prevent her 10 year old daughter from being raped.

    Well at least they prohibited the sick b-stard from going near a school I guess they should have included ‘anywhere a child might be’?

    • http://twitter.com/PaladinFirearms PaladinFirearms

      p.s. I hope her family sues for wrongful death for the states prohibitions that prevented her from defending herself and meeting deadly force with deadly force.

      There is already a precedent in Chicago.

  • Hutch

    If she would have been packing she could have defended herself but not in Zoo York I lived in Syracuse for 15 years and some of my best friends are there but I cant stand the laws in this crazy place

  • sandyinindy

    If our politicans would only spend our taxes correctly, we could build more prisons to hold these types of low-lives that serve no purpose whatsoever in our society except to remind us that changes need to be made. No person that harms children should be allowed to walk among us, period.
    I would love to see laws passed that when politicans and judges allow crinimals to be free, a porn store to open next door to church, the laws would insist that it is done in THEIR neighborhood.

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