Women Define Their Own Roles

If men historically have dominated the scene, women are crowding them out. And they are turning our familiar archetypes inside out….

Giles once used a spear to kill a wild boar that was in a tussle with one of her hunting dogs. She stabbed the beast straight through the heart, a clean kill resulting in one relieved canine.

It is one thing to kill a bison from a distance with a high-powered rifle. It is another to approach a wild boar and kill it with one’s own hand and a stick.

Not many can claim that level of courage and, by the way, she ate her kill. That’s all there is to say about that, though I did ask her what she was wearing, which I instinctively knew would be permissible. Giles didn’t miss a beat: “Cargo pants and a very nice plaid T-shirt.”

Read more of Kathleen Parker’s article on Newsmax.com.

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