Women Focus Group SHREDS Hillary Apart–One Lady, However, Drank too Much of the Clinton Kool-Aide [WATCH]

How do people think that HILLARY is the victim amongst all the scandals that she has caused? How? Watch this chick try to defend Hill… it’s very entertaining.

I am shocked MSNBC was able to get women who disagreed with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on their network, but there are some in the world which give me the notion there is still a chance at fixing America. With that said, it seemed all of the women who were talking understood the seriousness of Clinton’s non-transparency and breaking the law except for one voter.

Wait until you listen how she defended Clinton:

The point that young woman who talked about the “criminalization” of Hillary needs to realize is that by using common sense over emotion, Hillary has criminalized herself without help from anyone, as per the sections of the Espionage Act that cover negligence.

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