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  • Get Real

    So called “gun control” will be a tragedy of EPIC proportion. This is tyranny !
    American’s will NOT lay down their gun’s…….the left is trying to light a fire they won’t be able to put out……it will be the darkest day in our history since April 12, 1861.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    “Gun control” never has, never can and never will prevent criminal activity.
    Gun control always has been, is and will always be about CONTROL of law abiding citizens by a tyrannically trending, oversized, overbearing government.

  • Ron Obvious

    CT IS ONE OF THE TOP 5 MOST FIREARM RESTRICTED/REGULATED STATES! It didn’t hinder the murder one bit… in fact it aided him in killing as many as he did. It’s illegal to speed and steal, but speeders still speed, and thieves still steal. It is illegal to KILL/MURDER a single man or woman, does it matter how the criminal does it? The Anti-2nd Amendment people are trying to convince the U.S. public that they will be safe from mass murder if the disarm us. Trouble is who will protect us from the government if the citizens are disarmed???! We all long for the days of unlocked front doors all the time and constitutional government officials, but the world has past that era, and we now live in a world where the government’s main concern is taking away as man ‘Rights’ as they can to have TOTAL control over the population of this country. I have to hand it to them, they have been pretty smart, as they have dumb down the general population to the point that most American are too stupid to see the need to preserve the constitution and protect our constitutional rights; the are too stupid to recognize the clear and present threat that Obama and his socialist/Marxist ilk pose to the future of this country and the voters themselves! In general, the U.S. population, for the most part has been brain-washed and drugged into submission! This country, is in real trouble and Obama and his kind are here to make sure they drive the final nail in our national coffin!

  • knowitall

    If any of you think that your life may have been changed back in Nov. by the stolen election ,wait and see what happens when they try to steal our guns from us ? God Bless !!

  • rcbobj

    The government is pushing us into a corner and we are going to come out fighting. If you don’t believe me, just hide and watch.

  • usmc1063

    Once again we see how the liberal mindset is a terrible thing to use. First of all we need to look back into our history simply to the days of Probitition. Ahh probitition it was going to save us all from the pitfalls of Demon Rum. Well we all know how well that worked out. Now the Government wants to do the same thing with Guns and Ammo. Let’s face some reality here people got all the Booze they wanted. It ended up costing untold numbers of lives let alone tax dollars to fight it. Bootlegger’s became rich didn’t pay taxes but mostly at a great cost IE: their lives. Why? Because people still wanted their alcohol and would pay any price to get it. Now just think about this. If people want guns they are going to get them one way or another. If the Liberals think they are seeing senseless violence now just wait till the guns are gone.
    Now before someone get’s all Huffy Gun’s in the hands of the wrong people is a bad thing all around. People with a criminal history shouldn’t beable to own weapons at all. Nor should those who have a history of mental illness. Now think about this, really think about it do you think by banning guns will actually stop them from getting them? I don’t think so, simply because if there is a profit to be made someone will set up shoppe and Guns like Booze will go underground.
    Okay are there better ways of dealing with the problem? Yes. Start by enforcing the laws already on the books. When it say’s 10 years in the can it means 10 years.not 2 years and 23 days. Second make access to Mental Health care more readlly available to those needing it. People who are in dire need of such care don’t realize it so it is often times up to a family member to intersede. They need to have the law on their side to help with the care. They need not have to jump through all the hoops to do so. Finnally stop blaming the guns, blame the people who use them. In simpler terms if they want to do the crime they better beable to do the time.

  • Average Joe

    Obummer wants MORE school shootings. Do’nt thinkso you say. Then why is he avoiding the most prudent direction to go? He could with the stroke of his pen put A armed gaurd in every school in America by the time students get back to school from Christmas break with an EO. Why is he going to fight and put the full force of the presidental office behind A gun ban that will most likely fail instead?


    Nah! Poorly thought out solutions never work well…
    Gun Laws don’t work worth a squat in Chicago or DC and won’t when the criminals have the advantage over the good guys…
    Gun sales have rocketed in Ca and crime went down by a good percentage..
    Now if the politicians and their appointees did not have tax paid security, the the 2nd amendment would serve both parties well. WTP would now have parity and the use of the 2nd amendment without question….so let’s take their tax paid security away from them..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bf-Caffrey/100000376924378 B.f. Caffrey

    The anti-gun lobby is always ready with excuses why gun control doesn’t work. If it’s not some “loophole” in the law (which usually exists because they couldn’t get the law passed without it) then they claim it’s because of straw-man purchasers. If it’s neither of those, it’s people who legally buy several guns, then illegally sell them to others (sort of like re-selling your prescription drugs on the street). Or they blame lax gun laws in adjoining jurisdictions –“If only Virginia tightened up its laws, D.C. crime would drop”. But if it’s not Virginia, it’s Pennsylvania or New York state or somewhere else. The latest one I’ve heard, pushed in Chicago, is that gun makers are somehow “pushing” their guns to the inner city thugs by flooding neighboring cities with a healthy supply of guns. Despite the fact that no gun shops order directly from a manufacturer, but a distributor. Distributors only fill the orders made by gun shops, they don’t “force” them to take guns they don’t want or can’t sell.

    We’ve had 45 years of gun control (longer if you include the 1934 NFA) and if there was some real benefit, we’d have seen it by now. The fact is gun control has not reduced crime at all, nor has it reduced murders. The national conversation should be how we discourage criminals from committing crimes with guns and how we treat the mentally ill (and get the dangerous ones off the streets). It’s time for criminal-control, not gun control.

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