WOW: Escaped ISIS Sex Slave Makes House Democrats Look Like FOOLS

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.00.50 AMShe lays the hammer down! This is amazing. Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman, escaped the terrorists in 2014. Check out what she says about the Orlando Shooting and how America should respond.

By Allen West

The Democrat’s immaturity and petulance displayed by their sit-in should be appalling and serve as a major embarrassment for our country — but there are those who applaud such infantile efforts. And to think, after 49 Americans were gunned down and another fifty-some-odd were wounded, this is the response? No anger or angst directed towards Islamic jihadism and terrorism?

What makes the ridiculous antics of these “officials” stand out even more is something that happened the day prior.

As reported by CNN, “A former ISIS sex slave urged Congress Tuesday to more aggressively fight the terror group and offered her condolences for the massacre in Orlando, saying she’s not surprised by it.

Nadia Murad, a Yazidi who escaped captivity in 2014, told the Senate Homeland Security committee that “the USA must act. We must terminate Daesh (ISIS) and all such terror.”

“Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons,” she testified, with the assistance of a translator. “The Yazidi people cannot wait.”

Murad called on the U.S. and other countries “to establish a safe and protected zone for Iraqi and Syrian religious minorities,” which President Barack Obama has repeatedly rejected. She also expressed her condolences for the attack in Orlando that left 49 dead but said she was not surprised it happened.

“I knew if ISIS were not stopped, they would deliver their crimes everywhere,” she told lawmakers. Speaking about the Middle East’s Christians, Yazidis, and other minorities, she warned that “if they are not protected they will be wiped out.”

Yazidis are ethnically Kurdish members of an ancient religion who live mostly in Iraq. Murad detailed how she and thousands of Yazidi women and girls were enslaved and raped by their ISIS captors.

She recounted how six of her brothers and her mother were executed by ISIS in a single day. Murad said she escaped to Mosul where a Muslim family helped her obtain fake Islamic identification that enabled her to escape ISIS territory.

“I was freed, but I do not (have) the feeling of the freedom because those who have committed these crimes have not been held accountable,” she said.”

So one day after Nadia Murad testified before our U.S. Senate, Nancy Pelosi pulls her most idiotic stunt to date — and that’s saying a lot.

So where is all the “war on women” rhetoric? Here is a young woman who has experienced immense horror and came before us to beg for our assistance in ending this nightmare.

Her words should resonate as she stated plainly, “Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons.”

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