WOW: Hillary Risked Our National Security to Make a Political Point in Last Night’s Debate–Spills Secret On…

It’s no secret Hillary is someone who leaks National Security details. Her private server is a CLEAR example of that. This demonstration of ‘loose lips’ in last night’s debate just proves how casually she talks about highly classified details; and the ship she will be sinking is America. Thanks for sharing the info Hillary. Now our enemies will be that much more informed.

During the final presidential debate, the candidates got into a heated exchange about the use of nuclear weapons, in which Hillary Clinton trotted out her talking point that Donald Trump is unfit to have his finger on the button because of his lack of self-control. What made the internet go nuts, however, was when she added one specific detail to her argument that some are saying is a violation of operational security, a routine she knows well.

“Here’s the deal,” Hillary tells Chris Wallace and the entire planet watching live, “The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.”

Seeing this blatant violation of operational security (OPSEC), many on Twitter were not pleased:

Earlier, Clinton tweeted out the time with slightly different wording. This gave her supporters wiggle room to defend her, saying she didn’t give out the exact details so she wasn’t releasing any confidential information.

But, as Politico points out:

This four minute figure may be “out there,” but it’s certainly alarming how casually Hillary Clinton talks about sensitive matters of national security.

Almost as sloppy as hosting a private server without government security and transmitting classified and sensitive material via email.

Hillary isn’t the only Democrat to casually say classified information out loud. Vice President Biden, in the middle of ranting about Trump, casually pointed out his military aid who at that moment was carrying the briefcase with the codes known as the nuclear football. Smart one, Biden.

But you know how Hillary responds to all of this:

hillary what difference

Here’s the full debate exchange about nuclear weapons:

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