WOW! Passengers on Plane STOP Hijacking, Tackle Man Claiming to Have…

This is the type of news headlines you like to read.

Where the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

A flight leaving Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was faced with a real problem.

Shortly after takeoff a man claiming to be holding a bomb tried to hijack the flight and force himself into the cockpit.

Passengers on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 decided this jackass wasn’t going to get away with his plan.

Several passengers wrestled him to the ground and flight attendants used a makeshift handcuff to keep him restrained and pinned to the ground.

People on board heard the man shouting ‘I’m going to blow up this plane’ before the pilot was forced to make a dramatic u-turn back to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.

A woman named Vanessa, whose boyfriend Andrew was a passenger onboard, told radio station 3AW the man threatened to detonate the explosives on the plane.

‘He was the one who first confronted him when an air hostess was getting scared of this guy and that’s when the guy said ‘I’m going to blow up this plane,’ she said.

Vanessa said the man then ran to another part of the plane where he was tackled to the ground by passengers.

Once the pilot made an emergency landing, passengers remained on the flight with the attempted hijacker for two hours.

Armed guards boarded the flight and took away the suspect, then the flight finally took off at 2am; after their first departure at 11:11pm.

It is not clear if the man actually had a bomb on him or not or if this was a planned attack.

Those details have yet to be revealed along with the attempted hijacker’s identity.

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