WOW: Trump Will Release His Tax Returns, While Being Audited, on the Condition Hillary Releases…

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 6.23.54 PMSeems like Trump doesn’t have anything to hide. Hillary, on the other hand, has a lot. But she’s been pushing Trump to release his tax returns for awhile so do you think she’ll meet his demand?

Donald Trump has offered to publish his tax returns after months of pressure over keeping them secret – but only if Hillary Clinton reveals all her emails.

The Republican candidate said that he would happily release the returns, even though they are under IRS audit, if his rival came clean on her emails.

Trump made the offer in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, in what appears to be a tactic designed to turn the heat back on Clinton.

Both candidates have been dogged by questions over the issues, although Clinton’s secret server scandal has proved to be a far more durable line of attack.

Although she tried to move on from the scandal over using her own ‘homebrew’ email server and account at the State Department, she has been hit by revelation after revelation about it and its contents.

Democrats believe that they can embarrass Trump by highlighting his refusal to publish – and that if he does, his returns will contain material which could torpedo his chances of winning.

Trump was challenged by O’Reilly over the move by his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, who announced said Sunday that he would release his own tax returns this week.

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