WSJ PUNDIT: Democratic Debate was a ‘Remarkable Display of Unintelligible Garbage Rhetoric’

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.41.38 AMNo wonder the #MillionStudentMarch leaders are such idiots. They’ve got these guys as their ‘leaders’.

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Mary Kissel tore into Democratic candidates for their garbled nonsense on defeating radical Islam.

Mary Kissel: The barbarians are at the gates. We’ve seen attacks now from London to Madrid to Beirut to over the Sinai. It is time for American leadership. Hillary said this isn’t America’s fight. Look, Democrats are dangerously divorced from reality. Hillary says that. President Obama wants to close Gitmo. He said we contained these people. No, we haven’t contained them. Bernie Sanders, who’s leading in some polls, says the greatest challenge is climate change. What we need is American leadership and the majority of the American people understand we need to send troops back to the Middle East before this global disorder comes to our shores.

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