WSJ TO DONALD: ‘The Truth Hurts, Though Mr.Trump Would Rather… Shoot the Messenger’

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.24.56 AMTrump used to be a fan of the Wall Street Journal, until they started publishing comparisons between him and Hillary’s numbers. Now, it’s bad blood.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board on Friday fired back at Donald Trump after the Republican presidential candidate called them “dummies.”

The Journal’s editorial said that earlier this week, it “accurately noted that Hillary Clinton has received about a million more votes” than Trump during their respective primaries.

“The truth hurts, though Mr. Trump would rather walk down Fifth Avenue shooting the messenger,” the newspaper wrote.

Trump posted a pair of tweets on Thursday in response to a Journal editorial that criticized him for refusing to participate in a debate next week, for being unwilling to consult foreign policy experts and other issues.

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