YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG MAN: #Ferguson Cop Shooter’s Lawyer says He Didn’t Do It

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The man in police custody that has been charged with shooting two Ferguson, Missouri police officers is not the man who pulled the trigger, according to the attorney representing the suspect.

Jeffrey Williams was arrested over the weekend and allegedly told police that he fired the shots last week that put two officers in the hospital. Mr Williams said, however, that he was aiming at people with whom he had a quarrel and not at the officers.

The New York Times reported that Jerryl Christmas, the lawyer representing Mr Williams, said he thinks police have charged the wrong person in the shooting. Mr Christmas did not comment on why his client would admit to pulling the trigger if he was not responsible.

“I don’t think they have the right person in custody,” Mr. Christmas said, according to the Times. “I don’t think he shot anybody.”

Mr Williams has been charged with first-degree assault and his bond has been set at $300,000. During his brief court appearance on Monday in front of Judge Joseph Dueker in St. Louis County Circuit Court, he did not give any statements.

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