ZIMBABWE’S PRESIDENT: Spends Insane Amount of Money to Celebrate His Birthday in Drought Stricken Town

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.10.22 AMGot to have your priorities, right? Obviously a birthday party is more important than helping thousands of starving people…

President Robert Mugabe has come under fire for holding a lavish $1 million birthday party to celebrate his 92nd birthday in a drought-stricken town in Zimbabwe.

Opponents said the event was “an affront to ordinary Zimbabweans” at a time when more than a quarter of the population are in need of food aid.

Mugabe’s birthday bashes have become an annual pilgrimage for loyalists but the decision to hold this year’s party in Masvingo, an area suffering its worst drought since the early 1990s, was particularly controversial.

Masvingo has seen 75% of the staple maize crop destroyed by the arid conditions.

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