10 Sleep Mistakes You’re Probably Making

 sleepToo many of us are guilty of a prime sleep mistake: underestimating its importance. Whereas nutrition and exercise are widely acknowledged as so-called “pillars of health,” sleep, while well-deserving of such high praise, is often maligned as something that’s “for the weak.”

But even those of us who have learned to value sufficient shut-eye aren’t necessarily sleep saints. In fact, there are a number of myths that derail us and mistakes that prevent us from peacefully drifting off to the Land of Nod. Some of the biggest ones are in the slideshow below.

Falling Asleep With The TV On
One of the principle rules of a sleep-inducing bedroom is to create a sanctuary that is cool, calm, quiet — and dark. The absence of light triggers the body’s natural sleepiness mechanisms to kick in, and exposing yourself to too much light too late in the day can confuse that system.

That goes for more than just lamps, but also light-emitting screens, like televisions, tablets, laptops and smartphones. These constantly-blaring electronic devices interfere with our natural melatonin production, thanks to the blue-green light they emit, says Dr. Matthew Mingrone, lead physician for EOS Sleep Centers in California. “Artificial light can actually inhibit the release of melatonin,” he says. “It’s more than just the stimulation of the light, it’s some physiological changes that are going on.” Leave the TV and the laptop and the smartphone out of the bedroom, which should be reserved for sleep and sex.

Sleeping Late On The Weekend
We know what you’re thinking when Friday night rolls around: Finally, the weekend! Time to sleep in!

Not so fast, experts caution. Staying up later than usual on Friday and Saturday — and indulging in a little extra morning shut-eye Saturday and Sunday — can throw off your biological clock as if you had traveled cross country. Experts deems this phenomenon social jet lag. This resetting of your internal rhythms sets you up for a less-than-productive Monday, but also seems to increase chances of being overweight and other health concerns, Health.com reported.

As tempting as it is to sleep in over the weekend, try as much as possible to stick to a regular sleep routine. If you must stay up late, at least try to wake up around the same time, experts say, as changing wake up times is what will throw you off the most.


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