Over 100 Cops Waited Outside While Quick Thinking Parents DISARM Their Teenager at Highschool–What He Had Planned Will Shock You

These are parents who know how to take responsibility. They were the ones that kept track of their firearms and they were the ones who set out to stop a shooting. Do you think they could have done more, or did they do all they could?

Over 100 police officers descended on a Utah middle school Thursday after an armed 15-year-old boy fired a shotgun into the ceiling of a school classroom before being disarmed by his parents.

The boy, who is identified only as a ‘white male’ by police, took his family’s handgun and shotgun to Mueller Park Junior High in the northern Utah city of Bountiful on Thursday morning.

When his parents noticed the weapons missing, they rushed to the school, arriving just in time to hear him enter a classroom full of students and fire a shot into the ceiling, Bountiful officer Dave Edwards told DailyMail.com.

Courtesy ABC4 Good4utah.com

The shot was fired at about 8:15am; the boy’s parents then confronted him, with one grabbing the shotgun off the boy, Edwards said.

He said the boy fired the shot intentionally, but his exact reason for taking the weapons to school is still unknown.

No other shots were fired and no-one was injured or killed in the dramatic scene.

Bountiful police chief Tom Ross said he’s ‘extremely grateful for the parents for their involvement and the fact that this ended without any loss of life.’

The boy was booked into Farmington Bay Youth Center eight miles away. He has been charged with two felony counts of theft of a firearm and two counts of bringing a firearm to school – a Class A misdemeanor.

More charges may follow, Edwards said.

As the parents intervened, a teacher called 911.

The first cop to arrive – a Bountiful police officer who was nearby when the call went out – came within two minutes, taking the boy into custody soon after, police said.

As time wore on, however, more than 100 police officers arrived on the scene, called in from across the county by the ‘active shooter’ status.


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