100TH GRANDCHILD: These Grandparents have Enough Grandchildren to Start Their Own Town

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.16.09 AMThat’s what you call a strong sense of family.

It’s a big deal when Leo and Ruth Zanger’s family gets together.

Seriously, it’s a really big deal — with added emphasis on the “big” part.

The Zangers recently welcomed their 100th grandchild, which makes family functions more than a get-together.

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“We rent out a church hall,” said Austin Zanger, a grandson of Leo and Ruth.

When Austin’s wife, Ashleigh, gave birth to their second child, Jaxton Leo, on April 8, it became a historic moment. Jaxton was grandchild No. 100 for Leo and Ruth.

For the numerically inclined, Jaxton was also No. 46 among the great-granchildren. The Zangers also have 53 grandkids and one great-great-grandchild for a nice round 100.

“The good Lord has just kept sending them,” Leo Zanger said of the grandkids. “We could start our own town.”

He was only half-kidding.

“There’s always room for one more,” Ruth Zanger said.

Leo and Ruth, who have been married 59 years, had 12 children of their own between 1956 and 1984. Daughter Linda, born in 1956, is the oldest at 58. The youngest is son Joe, 31, who was already an uncle 10 times over when he was born in 1984.

The other kids are Greg, Debbie, David, Donna, Steve, Mike, Daniel, Ernie, Matt and Chuck.

Many family members currently have or at some point in the future will work for the family real estate business, Zanger and Associates at 1200 Broadway.

Linda and her husband, Kenny Hardin, possess one of the most important footnotes in family history. Their first child, Jeannine, was also the initial grandkid for Leo and Ruth. Jeannine was born in 1975.

Donna Lane, another of Leo and Ruth’s daughters, is the unofficial family historian who keeps immaculate records of births, weddings, phone numbers, anniversaries and just about anything else directly or indirectly connected with the Zanger family.

It’s a labor of love for Donna.

“(Other family members) always say, ‘Since you already have all of the phone numbers, can you just text (or call) them and let them know about whatever the event is?’ ” she said.

Donna also has a special distinction in the Zanger family history.

“Donna was born in during the snowstorm from hell (in January 1962),” Leo Zanger said.

Make no mistake about it, the Zangers are a close-knit group and proud of it.

Most of the family lives in the immediate Quincy area. When they get together, it not only means renting out a church hall. It also involves about 50 pounds of ham or 10 turkeys.

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