101 Things Liberals Are Not Pro-choice On

the-listFreedom requires responsibility, with every choice having consequences. Virtually everything that the liberals are “pro-choice” on means they want to make the choices for you, while you are held responsible for the cost and consequences.  Even things they are truthfully pro-choice on they are not pro-you choosing to fund it or not. In intellectual honesty I must disclose that all liberals are not monolithic, even though they try to paint the Right as such. All items on the following list have been proposed by liberals with little to no negative response from their peers.

1.         Religious speech for Christians.
2.         Religious symbols for Christians.
3.         Radio/talk show topics.
4.         Forced sterilization. (i.e. vasectomy, and hysterectomy)
5.         Parent consent for birth control.
6.         Medication at school.
7.         Immunizations for children.
8.         Who colleges accept, and why.
9.         Homeschooling
10.        Literature must be non-offensive and politically correct.
11.        Taking classes on Sex Education.
12.        Abstinence education
13.        Intelligent design education
14.        Size/weight of vehicles you can buy, manufacture, import, or use.
15.        MPG of vehicles you can buy, manufacture, import, or use.
16.        Who you may like, dislike, hate, disagree, or agree with.
17.        Who companies can hire.
18.        Who owns and controls businesses.
19.        What companies may advertise,
20.        What their advertisements can say.
21.        Minimum and maximum wage. Salary and benefits.
22.        Retirement and saving plans.
23.        Paying into Social Security.
24.        Union membership.
25.        Unions uses of dues, and their membership requirements.
26.        Voting ID requirements.
27.        Club Membership/Requirements.
28.        What animals you may own, or eat.
29.        Where you can have certain animals, and how many.
30.        Whether you spay/neuter your pets.
31.        Gun ownership.
32.        Gun registration.
33.        Which types of guns, magazines, and ammunition.
34.        Where and what you may hunt or fish, even on land you “own.”
35.        Landowners use of property.
36.        Who you may sell or rent your house/apartment to.
37.        Smoking, unless its marijuana.
38.        Who can drink alcohol.
39.        How much alcohol you can drink.
40.        Consumption of sugar.
41.        Amount of salt in food.
42.        Number of calories in your meal.
43.        The size of your soft drink.
44.        Genetically modified food.
45.        Eating trans fats.
46.        How food is handled/prepared.
47.        How much your Doctor can charge.
48.        Required medical tests.
49.        HPV shots.
50.        Immunizations.
51.        Help the poor/homeless.
52.        Disaster aid.
53.        AIDS education as required class.
54.        Funding AIDS research.
55.        If doctors can disclose if you have AIDS.
56.        Health insurance
57.        Taxpayer funded sex change.
58.        How you may raise, discipline, and supervise your child.
59.        Fireworks use/sales.
60.        What holidays you celebrate and how.
61.        ATVs rider’s age.
62.        Where you ride ATV’s.
63.        Light bulbs (compact fluorescent).
64.        Driver’s requirements: age, time, and occupants.
65.        How you commute.
66.        Wearing seatbelts
67.        Wearing helmets.
68.        Vehicle insurance
69.        Baby car seats.
70.        What you can say in political ads.
71.        How much money you can contribute to a political candidate.
72.        Type of toilet, and how much water is used to flush it.
73.        Type of refrigerator, air conditioner, and windows.
74.        Type of thermostat, and its setting.
75.        What type of shower you may have, and its water flow.
76.        If you can water your lawn/yard, and what type of landscape.
77.        Ethanol/Biofuel subsidies.
78.        Gasoline and diesel specifications.
79.        Electric solar panels, and wind generators.
80.        Burning/mining coal.
81.        Oil exploration and drilling.
82.        Fracking.
83.        Co2 emissions
84.        Oil pipelines
85.        Fur coats.
86.        Capital punishment/death penalty.
87.        Mandatory sentences.
88.        Hospital admittance.
89.        Library admittance.
90.        Pornography in libraries.
91.        The taxes you pay.
92.        Tax funding for the National Endowment of the Arts.
93.        Tax funding the National Education Association.
94.        Government subsidized home insurance.
95.        Any speech against global warming.
96.       Any research against global warming.
97.       Tax funded pro-global warming research.
98.      Publicly support Homosexual Marriage.
99.      Perform wedding ceremonies for Homosexuals.
100.    Love Won Out ministries.
101.     Chick-fil-a

And I haven’t even started on Abortion.


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Liberals are NOT pro-choice, unless you define pro-choice as liberals making the choice for you. Keep in mind, this is only a partial list and many things have intentionally been left out or combined to not exceed 101. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section.


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