16-Month-Old Killed After Thug Father Viciously…

Anyone who would beat a child is a disgusting person. If you beat your own child, there are few words that describe how low you are.

But that’s what one thug did on Father’s Day. His 16-month-old daughter survived five days after the beating, but she has now succumbed to her wounds.

Little Nylah Lewis lost her five-day fight for her life on Friday after she was found unconscious and unresponsive at her father’s Coney Island apartment on Sunday.

Shaquan Taylor, 18, was arrested for allegedly beating his daughter until she slipped into a coma.

Nylah suffered two skull fractures, a brain bleed and bruising on her legs and other parts of her body.

She also appeared to have suffered brain damage from lack of oxygen from being choked or by some other means, according to NBC.

Taylor, 18, allegedly injured the toddler after her mom, Tammy Lewis – who was formerly in a relationship with Taylor – dropped her off at his home, so they could spend time together for Father’s Day.

Lewis left the pair alone and came back to find her daughter covered in bruises and gasping for air, police said.

The Daily Mail

Christine Munford, Nylaha’s aunt, told New York Daily News,”He said that about a year ago he was going to hit the baby if she brought [her] around. And [Sunday] he threatened her and said he was going to punch her in the face when she got there. And then obviously that happened.”

That horrible afternoon, Taylor messaged Lewis telling her to come pick up their daughter.

When Lewis arrived, she saw the little girl on the couch struggling for air. She immediately picked her up and ran out of the apartment only to be chased after by Taylor.

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When they made it to the lobby of the building, Taylor allegedly knocked her to the ground, leaving the mother defenseless and unconscious.

Taylor then picked up his daughter and gave her to a friend who called the ambulance.

Nylah was rushed to Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn.

Authorities questioned Taylor, who told them the baby fall off a bed, but doctors confirmed the bruises did not match those of a fall.

The warning signs were there. Taylor posted on Facebook messages that he wanted Lewis to have an abortion and that he was angry she was keeping the baby.

In a February 2016 post, right around the time of his daughter’s birth, Taylor said:

“Feel mad disrespected.”

“Told that lil b***h to get abortion (and) she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b***h.”

“I didn’t even want to have a baby by her (and) it’s sad to say, but f*** it, s*** happens.”

“Please don’t ask who Nylah’s moms is nor do I still f*** with her cause NO. Just f***ed (that) hotty a**, that’s it.”



On the day he beat his daughter, he posted this to Facebook.


After it was known he had beaten his daughter, Taylor was charged with felony assault for beating both Lewis and Nylah.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office says they will be looking to upgrade the charges against Taylor.

In 2015, Taylor was charged with sexual misconduct because of his relationship with Lewis, who was 14 at the time. A year later, he was arrested again for harassing Lewis.


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