21st CENTURY PROBLEMS: Father Decides to Live Tweet Burning NYC Skyscraper Instead of Escaping with his Child

ON FIREA New York City father began posting harrowing tweets online revealing how his high rise apartment building is on fire – and that he and his family were stuck inside.

Updating his Twitter account from the 26th floor of his Midtown apartment, scientist Gurinder Singh ‘Mickey’ Atwal tweeted that he was unable to leave with his wife and two-year-old son because the stairwells are blanketed with thick smoke.

The blaze at the 42-storey building at 500 West 43 Street in Manhattan is currently being tackled by over 130 New York firefighters and initial reports are that 2 people have been critically injured.

The New York Fire Department says the blaze, which began at 11 am haspread to a number of floors.

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Authorities have reported that the fire department is battling the blaze and three people have so far been injured – two critically.

The American Red Cross is en-route to provide assistance to the residents of the building.

Authorities say the fire started in an apartment on the 20th floor of the building.

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