22 HOMICIDES IN 22 DAYS: Dallas Murder Rate on the Rise

dallasHopefully this trend will stop.

22 in 22 days.

That’s the number of homicides in Dallas already during the month of June,  as an alarming 18 percent increase continues to raise concerns about what’s causing it.

Last June there were seven homicides in Dallas.

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As the new cases pile up, so does the backlog of unsolved ones. They are victims of robbery and domestic violence.

“I think it’s so sad just how much killing is going on here in Dallas,” says Vanessa Cranford, the mother of a murder victim from three years ago.

The number of homicides this month is already the highest since August 2013.

It has families of victims who’s cases remain unsolved worried it will only move their loved one further down the list.

“I’m not giving up because I call all the time on this case,” says Cranford who is still waiting for someone to be arrested for her daughter’s murder.

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